Did You Know That Delhi Releases 15.42 Million Metric Tons Of CO2 In A Year?

On a cold dessert highway, a man with his family riding on his new cruiser stopped at the red light. However, deep inside the dessert no hotel could be seen & in the cold night the only respite from the nip in the air remained his half drunk bottle of spirit by 100 Pipers. The engine running low on fuel & no stay options in sight the man asked his family to prepare a small bonfire to cook the last bit of food they had brought for the road trip. Before this, he never recognised the dignity of labour, the option to save food without half eating it & throwing it away… But he realised – he realised – that the only way for him & his family to survive the dessert would be by rationing what little food they had left in the rucksack.

30 Second Window:

  • Like the man in the story, there are many other people who drive to work, home on a daily basis. Burning more fuel than they could possibly imagine, releasing more CO2 in the air than they could possibly fathom & creating an unhealthy living condition not just for themselves, but their family & friends too!
  • On a daily basis we all commute for at least 90 minutes, we get stuck in traffic for more than 20 minutes & we burn enough fuel to release more than 1 kg of CO2 in our entire lifetime! If you calculate the time & fuel spent during this entire journey, we can safely assume that humanity will not survive another 1000 years!
  • Similarly, people waste over 300 GMs of food every day, which rounds of to 7 tonnes of food wasted annually! Sure, food is easily found in huge malls, market places & cafes but did you ever stop to think that maybe by saving all this food you can feed 3,500 people on a daily basis?

Just imagine what all we can achieve if we only take some time out from our busy lives & pay attention to the finer details in our lives. It’s not like we have to eat less, or not drive to work. All we have to do is not waste food when its in surplus, switch off the engines of our automobiles & maybe buy recycled paper registers! How difficult could that possibly be hmm?

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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you take some time out from your busy schedules & look around. Chill with the who’s & who of the city, the people who really matter. The people who don’t get two square meals a day, the families that live on the streets & breathe the polluted air we so graciously & unknowingly destroy!
  • So, have a heart & show everyone how an individual alone can change the world! It all starts with just one small step. And every single step from that point onward only leads to great things! So, do good, even when nobody is watching & keep in mind that if you want to be remembered, be remembered for good!

There are many companies in India that are building a better future for the world that never stops honking! But slowly & gently, we all can join hands with them & lead the world toward a better, brighter & more secure future!

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