4 Things You Cannot Afford To Miss At The Marathi Food Festival!

4 Things You Cannot Afford To Miss At The Marathi Food Festival!

Delhi has a gazillion types of food offerings in every nook and corner! But, you will always find a dearth for authentic Marathi food, unless of course, you went to the state Bhavan. Save the trip! There’s a Marathi food festival going on in Delhi and we’re so stoked to tell you all about it.

30 Second Window:

  • Radisson Blu in Faridabad is hosting the food festival to make Delhi aware of the delicious cuisine! Because vada pav came from the Maratha flavours, it’s high time to gulp down the original potato in a bun.
I. Vada Pavvvvvvvv

Because it’s just one of those things you cannot stop eating! Call it the original burger because of the big piece of mashed potato in between slices of bread or not, junk food is calling and junk food is heaven. Of course, with the green chutney on the side, there’s only so much you can drool and not hog!

II. Missal-Shev

Yet another way to grow fat with pleasure, Missal-Shev is really a plate of Pav with spicy watery curry called, rassa or tarri! It could be hot, so don;t forget to keep a bottle of cold water close.

III. Sweet Puran Poli

Considered to be a mix of both Marathi and Gujju roots, the sweet Puran Poli is basically a stuffed parantha! The paranthas have sweet lentil stuffing and are normally served with sweet Gujarati kadhi.

IV. Because ITS FOOD & Delhi Never Backs Off From A Food Festival!

Come on, it’s Marathi Food Festival! It’s not something that comes every day and it’s definitely not a cuisine you get to eat every day!

So, check this out for any further deets!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you check out the food festival and don’t forget to hog! As if we need to tell you that! ­čśŤ

And in the meanwhile, Radisson Blu‘s Facebook page for deets!

Location | Sector 20B, Mathura Road, Faridabad

Until | 27th August

From | 07:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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