This Music Day Groove To The Tunes Of These 5 Delhi-Based Bands!

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Saddi Dilli and its people are a powerhouse of talent. Be it food, fashion, beauty or music – there is an abundance of Dilliwaale that have proved their mettle in all these fields. This Music Day, we’ve curated a list of 5 Delhi-based music bands that have not only left their mark on the music scene all over the country but have given us music that makes us sway and tap our feet, anytime, anywhere!

1. Indian Ocean

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Nikhil Rao, Amit Kilam, Rahul Ram, Himanshu Joshi, Tuheen Chakraborty are the members of this Delhi-based rock band that are considered the pioneers of fusion rock genre in India! They’ve given music for some big Bollywood movies as well like Black Friday and Masaan.

2. The Moody Caterpillars

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If you’re into the music from the 60s, 70s and 80s, then you’ll not be able to help but be addicted to the surreal and dreamy tunes of Ratnang Singh and Jishnu Bannerjee!

3. Life Tatva

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Based in Delhi, this four-member band has performed in various music concerts, festivals and clubs. You’ll be hooked to their indie, Bollywood and Sufi grooves!

4. Menwhopause

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You’ll fall in love with them once you witness their energy live! This 4-piece band’s alternative and acoustic rock will make you listen to their songs on loop. And did you know they’re considered as the pioneers of independent music in India!

5. Them Clones

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This band started in a bedroom in Delhi’s RK Puram and then went on to tour Delhi University where they even won many competitions. Their spirited music will leave you spellbound!

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