5 Myths Every DU-ite Is Tired Of Hearing In College!

There are tons of myths that circulate around Delhi about our very own Delhi University! And it’s not just the myths, it’s the aggravated sense in which they are blown out of proportion that really gets to a DU-ite. Sure it’s fun and every thing is hunky dory, but did you know that most of these myths really occur rarely?

Here are 5 myths that even you will be tired of hearing if you’re new to DU!

I. DU Hai, Free Time Toh Hamesha Hoga

Don’t ever believe anyone if the person says so. Especially if you joined one of the many societies that DU has to offer. In fact, for most students who join these societies classes are a distant dream! And free time akin eutopia. Sure, if you miss classes you will have a lot of time, but missing classes for no reason never helped anyone!

II. DU Is As Easy As 1..2..3

As soon as someone says this to you, just run in the opposite direction and never look back! Sure, if you study everything will be fine but that’s not all college is about. It’s about free time and it’s about entering a completely new life. So, if at all you think that DU is easy, you gotta study and grind till you get reach a point where things come easy to you.

III. Attending Classes Is Optional

Well..a big fat NO! Classes aren’t optional and they most certainly don’t take place again. Unless of course, you have a great relationship with your professor, classes you missed aren’t coming back!

IV. Attendance? What Attendance? 😛

For all the fucchas who have joined college, let us make this clear! Attendance no matter what your peers tell you is important! Trust us when we tell you that short attendance can seriously affect your education to the point that your college won’t allow you to give exams.

V. North Campus Is Better Than South

The one myth every student in Delhi aspiring for DU has been hearing since nursery! North campus definitely has colleges that have better amenities but that doesn’t mean the quality of education is bad. If anything, this myth is farther from the truth than anything else!

So, whether you’re a pass out or a fuccha, think we touched upon any of the myths you felt were a sham?

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