5 Web Series Based In Saddi Dilli That You Can Binge-Watch All Summer Long!

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Dilwaalo ki Dilli is mad, hustling, bustling, colourful and brimming with its own unique idiosyncrasies!  If you have lived here all your life or stayed only for a while, you will vouch that Delhi is not a city but an emotion. The capital has been the hero in many movies and now we bring to you a list of 5 web series that capture the true blue essence of our city! Get ready to binge watch them because they are #relatable for every Delhiite! Ready? Get, Set, BINGE!

1. Made In Heaven

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This show has created a lot of buzz ever since its release and rightly so! Made In Heaven brings out the dark, often unacknowledged truth that is masqueraded behind the grandeur of Delhi weddings. It highlights all the taam-jhaam behind the Big Fat Indian weddings because otherwise “log kya kahenge?” But hey, it’s not all that depressing! Shot at scenic Delhi locations, with sharp commentary and stellar performances- all of this makes this show a MUST WATCH!

2. Delhi Crime

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Netflix’s Delhi Crime has garnered a lot of public as well as critical acclaim because of its subject matter which revolves around the horrifying 2016 Nirbhaya Rape Case that jolted the entire nation. It follows the journey of the Delhi Police and accounts their journey of catching the perpetrators. While the show has its flaws and loopholes, one should definitely give it a watch for its gripping narrative and sincere acting performances!

3. College Romance

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This show is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and take you down memory lane to the good ol’ carefree, college days when your only concerns were which party to attend this weekend or how to score the topper’s notes to pass the exams! The lead cast is fiery and quirky and the show’s realistic yet humorous portrayal of relationships and friendships is spot on. You’ll not be able to help but say “been there, felt that!”

4. The Aam Aadmi Family

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As is evident by the name, The Aam Aadmi family is the story of every aam middle-class Delhi household. However, it’s not your regular run-on-the mill TV show because it has an almost endearing quality to it much of which is lent by its simple yet relatable storyline. From the swag waali daadi to the adorable papa, all characters have simplicity yet spunk to them. After all, the only thing common about our unique, crazy families is that they all are a little dysfunctional, right?

5. Flames

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We’ve all been through these phases – butterflies in our tummy at just one glimpse of our crush, bunking coachings to spend time with that special someone, teasing yet motivating our friend to muster the courage to go and talk to their crush – Flames is all of this and so much more! Set in a coaching centre in Punjabi Bagh, this cutesy series will remind of your innocent, pehla pyaar. 

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