6 Childhood Memories To Rediscover In Delhi For Every Delhiite!


For decades now almost every one of us has been living & breathing Delhi, yet there are a few childhood memories we all have that have gone rather unexplored lately! For all those who recently shifted to Delhi & made the city their homes, here is a list of a few childhood memories other dilliwalas grew up visiting! Reminiscing the days of future past, we at DforDelhi managed to scrounge the internet to find those few select places that hold dear old memories & peaceful picnic addas.

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  • Some of the places mentioned in this post include fond memories of Craft Museum at Pragati Maidan, Hauz Khas Fort & a few archaeological & animal sanctuary parks!
  • Craft museum, of course, is one of the fondest memories of all those who’ve been living in Delhi for decades! And, of course, the various parks Delhi has to offer also provide a special adda hangout for all those who wish to have a nice long picnic with friends, family & your date!
I. Old Fort

Old Fort is one of those few childhood memories that got lost into our memories a long time back. Especially since we all forgot that the carers of the old architectural beauty still – sometimes – host a sound & light show. A show that glows & revives the charm & beauty of the fort that once stood tall against invaders! This monumental beauty also has hosts boating sessions, if you forgot!

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II. Craft Museum

A quaint yet, ever so engaging museum of everything culturally India is situated on Bhairon Marg at Pragati Maidan. The Craft Museum is no ordinary museum full of old clay pots, early age humans & various other artefacts! With historical significance oozing from every inch of its beautifully carved walls, the museum is home to many artists. The crafts people here have been creating some of the best hand crafted products you will ever gaze upon! The museum offers guests the chance to wake up from the daily urban conundrums & breathe in the sweet smell of everything rural India! Various galleries within the museum include the Tribal & Rural Craft Gallery, Gallery of Courtly Crafts, Textile Gallery, Gallery of Popular Culture & Bhoota Collection from Karnataka among other wonders!

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Location | Pragati Maidan

III. National Science Centre

The National Science Centre at Pragati Maidan is possibly one of the biggest & sweetest memories of all our childhoods! In fact, the museum – we hear – has been making some really big changes to its already ground breaking dinosaur machines that function just as well they did back when we were kids! Besides, the best memory of our childhood past should never be forgotten, especially the roller coaster ride. The huge metal balls rolling down the slides from the top of the building the to the very ground floor of the museum! And the best part? Their growling dinosaurs made with almost real looking bones still shine brighter than the winter sun!

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Location | Pragati Maidan

IV. Nehru Park

Nehru park has been the best & most special picnic shack of all the Dilliwalas in town! The large expanse of the park along with its huge jhoolas, hill climbing machines, trekking rocks among other playful things! The green expanse of the park provides enough space for hundreds of families to chill out, have a picnic party & maybe even attend the Jazz Festival in October! So, go re-explore the unexplored park that is considered by many the best among all the parks! Head over for a picnic, brunch, cricket, football match & maybe even your next date! Old is gold mein freund!

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Location | Chanakyapuri

V. Sacred Heart Cathedral

The picturesque view of Sacred Heart Cathedral in New Delhi is the epitome of British raj architecture! The picturesque old church is among the most beautiful & majestic churches in India! The cathedral is east bound from Parliament House which was used by the then British Viceroy. The Church, a witness to nearly eight decades of history, is a haven for people who love meditating & relaxing with their best friends or that special someone. So, don’t just sit there & think about the age old walls of the Church, breathe in the Victorian style architecture & learn a thing or two about the unexplored Church of Delhi!

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Location | North Avenue

VI. Chor Minar

Famously known as the ‘Tower of Thieves’, Chor Minar in Hauz Khas is a 13th-century minaret. The monument has around 225 holes & was built under the rule of Alauddin Khilji of the Khilji dynasty (1290–1320). People say that the minaret was a ‘tower of beheading’, where the severed heads of thieves were displayed on spears. These spears were in fact used as a deterrent against thieves! Interestingly, there have been innumerable reports of the place being haunted. Scary much? Don’t just visit Hauz Khas for its beautiful sites & cheap beer, check out the ghosts sitting around from days of future past!

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Location | Hauz Khas

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you sit inside your car & go for a long drive to any of these old forgotten childhood memories today!

So, don’t just sit at home feeling cold even in front of the heater, hit these quaint places in & around Delhi for a long afternoon with friends, family & your dates!

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