6 Cray Hobbies To Take Up Post Board Exams To Make The Most Of Your Holidays!

‘Happiness is…having finished all your exams’, is going to be the status of most of the students who have just completed their board exams and are super happy about the upcoming holidays.

Exams are really stressing and the most difficult phase in a student’s life. After working hard for months and spending all the sleepless nights, students eagerly wait for the post-exam break.

Vacation is quite synonyms to fun and loads of fun, from binge-watching movies to family trips, there are numerous ideas in every student’s mind about how they would like to spend their post-exam vacay and therefore we bring to you certain ways to spend your vacay in a fun yet productive way.


  1. Dance It Out @ Zenith Dance Institute

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Whatever the question may be, when it comes to fun, dancing is always the answer. Dancing your heart out to the beats of your fav tune defo cures most of your problems. From Trendy salsa to sexy belly dance, from classy contemporary to happening hip-hop, this institute teaches you whatever you desire to learn.

So boys and girls get yourself enrolled in this institute and let your body groove.

Where | 282, 2nd Floor, Opp. Sri Venkateswara College, Satya Niketan, South Moti Bagh

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2. Learn New Languages @ Lagma School

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The advantages of learning a new language are limitless. It enhances your confidence level and creativity. It also improves your ability to multitask. From German to Spanish, Dutch and French, this institute offers it all.

Best part – you can flaunt your linguistic talent in front of your friends and get all the attention. Cool, isn’t it?

Where | Landmark Bengali Sweets, E-73, Part 1, South Ex I

Check Them Out Here

3. Indulge In Calligraphy Or Creative Writing @ Calligraphy India

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Calligraphy is basically a visual art related to writing. It’s one of the coolest things that everyone must learn. It helps you to inculcate creativity to simple words and sentences. Once you start exploring the world of calligraphy, there are absolutely no boundations, just let your pen do the wonders.

Where | L-92, 1st Floor, Lalji Shopping Complex, Near Capital Court Building

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4. How About Some Doodle-E-Do @ Delhi Collage of Art?

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Doodles are basically simple drawings that may or may not have concrete representation, generally done without lifting the drawing device from the paper.

Doodling actually is a fun activity and helps an individual to use their imagination and increase their level of creativity. Also, there are no rules in Doodling which makes it even more interesting and cool for every youngster.

Where | Delhi Collage of art,  B-2/77 Basement, Safdarjung Enclave

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5. Become A Nightingale @ Sangeet Stuti Music Academy

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Music gives soul to the universe and wings to the mind. To all those with melodious vocal cords, this is the perfect time to learn music and do your regular riyaaz which will help you to grow yourself as a singer. This academy teaches both classical as well as the western genre of music.

Where |  A-31/1, Bhawani Kunj, Behind D-2, Near Shiv Mandir, Vasant Kunj

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6. Let Your Lens Do The Talking @ Delhi School Of Photography

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Some of us have the ability to see the world through the lens, a different perspective about everything around us gives birth to the photographer within us. Skills in photography are acquired by practice and not by purchase, therefore it is quite necessary to learn the elements related to photography and use them in day to day life to become an ace at this particular skill.

Where | E-6, 1st Floor, Kalkaji

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Here’s our list for all you peeps, choose the best for yourself and have fun.

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