7 Best Pasta Places In Delhi

It is almost impossible for a Delhite to not be a foodie. Delhi has always been serving itself as a buffet of amazingly jaw dropping, delectable cuisines.

A pasta meal can be your complete definition of happiness.

They say life is a combination of “magic” and “pasta”, and I cannot agree more.

Fusilli or Spaghetti or Penne, they can be best words you’ve ever discovered.

AND, here DforDelhi presents a guide for your pasta walk.

We have got you the top 7 places to get all your pasta cravings in order.

  1. Billu’s Food Hunt

    If Pasta is the question, this place can be one of the answers. White sauce pasta being the personal favourite here, it offers you with a Punjabi special pasta, it is a mix of both red and the white.
    Price : Below 150.

  2. Big Chill

    Big Chill is known for its pastas ever since it came into business. It has one of the yummiest pastas in the city, with accompanying side garlic breads. Peri Peri chicken pasta tops our charts and is a must try there.
    Price : Below 500.

  3. Brown Sugar

    Brown Sugar in total has three outlets. It offers you with a live counter of pastas, you can choose the shape of your pasta as well the kind of sauce you want. If you know your choices well, this place can do wonders for you. We recommend a Penne, Bechamel pasta, which is their white sauce pasta.
    Price : Below 200.

  4. Diggin

    This place is bang on opposite Kamla Nehru College and is a super cute place for all your day dates. They have a variety of pastas and not to skip they are whole wheat pastas so your health meter stays up too. Our recommendation is the Sea Food pasta if you are a prawn lover.
    Price : Below 400.

  5. Rose café

    Rose café is a city gem, and as they say gems are to be searched for, so is this café, based in Saket. It has a screne ambiance, all vintage and flowery. It is a perfect girl’s day café to hang out. We recommend Spaghetti with Meat balls a must have here.
    Price : Below 450.

  6. Pasta Bowl Company

    This one is a NCR based café, situated in Gurgoan. No prize for guessing, this place specializes in pastas. They have amazingly fresh and exquisite varieties of pastas. You have a variety of stuffed pastas here and a couple of add ons to be offered.
    Price : Below 400.

  7. Amici

    Amici is famous for its Italian delicacies, and pasta being a super hit here. They offer a range of pastas and the dish can also be customized into whole wheat pastas. Chicken Alfredo is our favourite from this spot.
    Price : Below 500.



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