Fly Free And Witness Great Heights At This Air Adventure In Gurugram!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Dream to fly free like a bird? Hell scared? Say no more! This place will make it possible for you , just go ahead and experience this wonderful air adventure that let you fly free up in the sky and as far as the horizon with the birds. Excited much? Read on!

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What To Expect?

An ultimate and a wonderful experience that will let you fly 1000 feet above the plain ground and will provide you with an enthralling flying experience. Get rid of your fear of heights by riding this comfortable ride that takes you high with such comfort and ease. Rush now!

What You’ll Love?

It’s a single person ride that will provide you with a sight of the mother Earth that is just out of the world kinda experience that you can ever have in your life. An unforgettable ride and experience is all that this ride calls for!

paragliding gurgaon

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Bottom Line

Gift yourself and your loved ones the most wonderful thing this time- a para-glider flight for all!

Where | Fly India Aeropark,  Gurgaon

When | 

Price | ₹1499 onwards

Location | Here

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