Good News! Aqua Line Might Have 10 Brand New Stations Very Soon

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Guess what Dilliwalon? NMRC and The Greater Noida Authority are all set to add a brand new metro line which is likely to connect the Aqua line with existing lines of Delhi Metro network. We can now heave a sigh of relief. FInally!

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The new metro line will be connecting Greater Noida to Delhi and following the completion of this project, commuters will no longer have to take buses and autos to reach Botanical garden Metro Station.

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Botanical Garden, Sector 93, Sector 91, Sector 94, Sector 98, Sector 97, Sector 142, Sector 125, Sector 126, Sector 136, Sector 127 and Sector 142 could be the new stations on the new metro line.

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