5 Destination In India For The BFF Gang For The Insta Worthy Bachelorette


Tying the knot soon with the love of your life? Separation often makes the heart grow fonder, and that is exactly the reason why you need to leave bae behind and take a bachelorette trip with your BFF gang! If you’re worried about the time constraint, the best solution is to travel around you because there is no shortage of beautiful places. Here is a list of 5 you can travel to from Delhi on that epic journey before you begin the next innings of life!

1. Nashik

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Home to India’s top and best vineyards, this is the ultimate bachelorette destination. Wake up overlooking vineyards, sip wine through the day and catch up with your girl gang. This is probably the best way to get rid of the cold feet!

Distance From Delhi | 1278 Km

Time Taken to Travel | 2 Hours by flight

Duration of Trip | 3-4 Days

2. Udaipur

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The picture-perfect destination that will soak you in royalty. Treat yourself and your girl gang to some luxury with spas, palace visits and shopping sprees. The beautiful lakes and skies are sure to enchant you. Moreover, you get to take a road trip!

Distance From Delhi | 662 Km

Time Taken to Travel | 10 Hours by road.

Duration of Trip | 4-5 Days

3. Gokarna

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What’s a girls trip without some beaches? Skip the regular Goa plans and head somewhere offbeat. Gokarna fits the bill perfectly. The quaint beachside town, which is a temple destination, is also one of the most serene sun and sand retreat.

Distance From Delhi | 2093 Km

Time Taken to Travel | 2 Hours by flight.

Duration of Trip | 4 Days

4. Jaisalmer

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Camping in the desert is very different from the mountains. It’s luxurious and yet adventurous. Sip cold beer, stay in a tent in the middle of the great dessert and chill with the girls. Doesn’t that sound relaxing?

Distance From Delhi | 826 Km

Time Taken to Travel | 12 Hours by road.

Duration of Trip | 4-5 Days

5. Kasol

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One of the best party destinations in the mountains! Kasol is known for its chill vibes, the greenery and crazy views of the snow covered peaks. Up in the hills and near the famous picturesque Parvati Valley, Kasol is a heaven for a bachelorette.

Distance From Delhi | 513 Km

Time Taken to Travel | 12 Hours by road.

Duration of Trip | 4-5 Days

And that’s a wrap. Who says you cannot have an amazing trip with your girlfriends near Delhi? Prove them wrong with this list that has something for everyone.

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