BBQNews: Barbecue Festival Postponed To February 2017

Barbecue Festival

2016 has been the year of many postponements of various festivals across India. And again, we will have to wait for the Barbecue Festival till February 2017. *sniff* *sniff*

Barbecue Festival has been postponed to 3rd to 5th February, 2017! For those who don’t know of the BBQ Festival, it is all about groovy jazz music paired with the best wines & beer. Spirits along with delicious, freshly char grilled meat also add a unique taste to the food.

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The festival will showcase chefs, as well as, embassies from various parts of the world, with their own distinct techniques of BBQ-ing. Cool, hmm?

So, mark your calendars guys!

When: 3rd – 5th February, 2017
Where: DLF Place, Saket
Entry: Free

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