Beat The Pollution On Your Fitness Quest With India’s First Nature Inspired Fitness Centre


Delhi’s pollution level has constantly been on a rise with the air quality getting worse and worse day by day. But this has never come in the way of the efforts Delhiites put into staying fit and healthy.


If you too are someone who does not compromise with your wellness routine then Sehat World Green in Dwarka Sector 7 is just the place for you!

Sehat World Green- What to expect?

Sehat World Green is India’s first nature-inspired fitness centre. It is designed in a way to ensure your proximity to nature. With an aim to nourish your mind, body, and soul Sehat World Green boasts of over 2500 air purifying plants, natural daylight to energise and calm your senses, and much more.

The air purifying plants used include Snake Plants, Root Bridge indoor Money Plants, Zaavic Money Plants, Areca Palm Plants, Lady Palms and Bamboo Palms.


Spread over more than 7000sq ft, this one of its kind fitness centre is the first to introduce the science of bio-fit. It also has an in-house cafe- Sehat Cafe which offers wholesome nutritious and healthy food.

Sehat World Green- What you’ll love?

Some of the main features of Sehat World Green that ensure a pure, pollution free, and healthy workout environment include:

  • Three vertical garden walls which have got more than 500 plants each.
  • The air quality index inside the fitness centre is between 30-130, while outside it is between 325-550
  • A 30-feet enchanting artificial waterfall.
  • A 10-feet wide colossal fish aquarium


  • State of the art weight and strength training equipment
  • Dedicated Cross fit /Free weight workout facility with advanced equipment like curve treadmill, magnetic rovers, tyre flip and stair mills.
  • Spacious Multipurpose hall for Zumba, yoga, aerobics and dance.
Bottom Line

Sehat World Green is the best choice for your fitness quest because with the increasing pollution in the city and a high stress inducing lifestyle, it can be a happy break which will get you one step closer to nature. With a dearth of green spaces in the city and over-crowded, dingey gyms everywhere Sehat World Green is the only place where you can get access to fresh oxygen while working out.

Where |  Sangwan Plaza, 2nd Floor, Plot No C-708 Palam Extension, Sector 7, Dwarka

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