Ready Yourself To Get In Bed With Delhi’s Newest Club In Greater Kailash!

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Greater Kailash has a new story to tell! BED – Beverage, Entertainment & Dining is the new kid round the block that is opening its door to Delhi this week & we can’t wait to visit the place! A high ceiling, chandeliers & various other lights hang from the roof to pave your way through to the biggest party in town. BED, we’re sure, is ready to turn up the heat in the sack!

30 Second Window:

  • BED is a boutique club in Greater Kailash that has tastefully curated a fused ambience of the choicest decor & design items! All that along with the best full bar menu & meals you’ve ever feasted your eyes upon!
  • Combining the flavours of India with that foreign lands, BED is creating some serious ripples through the culinary society of Delhi.
  • With the perfect all day dining menu, BED offers guests – appetisers from the best harvest, meaty desires  from the sea & pizzas from the culinary heaven itself!
  • Besides, the kings & queens of drinks here have created some really quirky, yet lip smacking cocktails & mocktails. Like? Well they have amazing poppers such as Pop Corn Sour, White Pearl, Between the Bed, Jalapeno Margarita to name a few!
  • Now, let’s walk you through the place, shall we? Hang on, here lies the staircase


The first thing that you see when you enter is the huge glass door that gives you a taste of what is about to come. As you enter, the steps lead you through to the first floor that welcomes you with a metal frame, copper staircase & railings!


Walking through an almost dreamy stage your eyes get greeted with an elevated bar that is dominated with a gold coated, copper bar front. The bar, of course, offers varied drinks for you to kick start the evening party madness. With light blue comfortable high chairs, the bar only requires you to be there as the sun sets above you!

Finally, the musical amalgamation of the 2 floors, along with a long continuous bar & mirror panels create the perfect atmosphere. Besides, the massive ceiling with a clear truss serves as the perfect skyline for the evening to set in!


DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you jump straight into bed with BED – Beverage, Entertainment & Dining & create your perfect evening getaway!

In the meanwhile, do check out their Facebook page here.

Sneak Peak | 2nd Floor, N-17, N Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 1


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