Your ‘Beer Emoji’ Can Fetch You A Real Beer For FREE! Read On

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Girls and Boys, its the time to make the most of your phone and your texting skills. Now that the Emoji Day is making its way to us, The Drunken Botanist is out with a great offer! So come, and spend one happy day ’cause we all love emojis and use them every single minute and to celebrate the same. 


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What To Expect?

Now, let’s give you a hint of what these guys at Drunken Botanist are up to! Well, they are giving away FREE beers to those who have used the ‘Beer Emoji’ as one of their five last used emojis. Isn’t it cool?


What You’ll Love?

So gear up and use the beer emoji all day long. After that, head straight to The Drunken Botanist and show them your emo history.

Bottom Line

The beer emoji gets you a real one for FREE! So, get set sending emojis and be at The Drunken Botanist!

Where | Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon 

When | 12 noon- 12 midnight, 17th July’19  

Location | Here

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