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Butter Chicken– Two words that casts a contemplative spell as soon as you hear it, even conjuring its image in mind can drive you into momentary bouts of slobbering. There can be submissive rejection of almost anything in life these days, but this mighty punjabi delicacy has survived ages of perseverance keeping its position intact as one of the most revered food items since time immemorial (I can’t vouch it from everyone’s behalf but my gurgling hunger pangs or even a heavy loaded tummy can always and always resort to its rescue).

In a hunt for the best butter chicken, I’ve been inundated with loads of options across the Capital. (The reason which eventually took me to stick onto a specific area). Amidst a Central University, it is impossible to find dearth of good food options. And when somebody points it to Jamia University, I always find me gushing over my addiction with the most scrumptious and easy on pocket delicacies served around the area. Sharing its boundaries with a ‘miyan bhai ka ilaaqa ‘ has its own perks, and so is the people studying in jamia that enjoys every bit of it.  It is  almost a delight to saunter through the narrow alleys and buzzy roads of Zakir Nagar( A Haven for non vegetarians), Abul Fazal, areas around Batla House and Community Centre at New Friends Colony. These kitschy neighbourhoods are filled  with sumptuous aromas of Biryani, Nihari, butter smeared chicken tikkas and Kebabs, unkempt roadside shops with mid aged owners doling out glasses of lassi, milk shakes and simmering saffron flavoured milk and ofcourse so many options to look out for a filling meal of Butter Chicken with piping hot Tandoori Roti.

I gave a buzz to almost every foodie I knew, just to keep validation of my own favourites and came out with mutual suggestions listed below.

Purani Dilli Restaurant


Tucked amid the bustling Zakir Nagar Main Road,  Purani Dilli Restaurant is one gem of a place that serves brilliantly cooked  mughlai cuisine. Its location is almost like a base camp for the foodies, following it one walks while savouring the essence of this place- A Gastronomic frenzy giving tough competetion to old delhi’s chitli qabar market . The butter chicken served here does justice to its popularity, with its desirable concoction of herbs and spices making it the favourite among localites.

Location: 371, Main Road, Zakir Nagar

Price: 2pc-165/4pc-325

Also try: Chicken Tikka, Mutton Nihari & Chicken Stew

Zooby’s Kitchen


 Out of all the options, it is the farthest from Jamia yet totally worth a try. Located amidst a blizzard of flashy factory outlets of some of the top fashion brands lined across the sidewalk, Zooby has a tastefully crafted menu to satiate your mughlai food cravings.

Location: 76-A, 1st Floor, G Block, Kalindi Kunj, Noida Road

Price: 2pc -190/4pc -380/8pc -610

Also Try: Tandoori Chicken, Paneer Lababdar and Dal Makhni

Al Nazeer 


Drop by this mughlai retreat which at any time can be found throbbing with families getting in and out, people with peering eyes and hungry stomachs making their way through the queues to get themselves a nice spot. A Hearty meal of Butter Chicken with their masala lemon soda is a combination you are gonna hate to love.

Location: N-168, Thokar No. 5, Abul Fazal Enclave-II, Okhla,

Price: 2pc- 200/4 pc-370

Also Try: Chicken Afghani, Mutton Nihari, Mutton Biryani, Chicken Hariyali Burra & Tandoori Chicken

Al Nawaz


I personally haven’t tasted its butter chicken but have got zillion suggestions poured in my inbox where people touted it as the SPOT ON for the best butter chicken among other mughlai dishes around jamia.

Location: 50 A, Abul Fazal Enclave Road, Abul Fazal Enclave, Block A

Price: 2pc-170/4 Pc- 340/ 8pc-650

Also Try: Chicken Biryani, Handi Mutton Qorma and Chicken Burra

Al Umar      


Serving for a decade now, this place just never disppoints when it comes to serving food high on ‘Quality and Quantity’. Its location can be aptly quoted as an extended sibling of chandni chowk, where a riot of buzzing sights makes it all the more exciting to visit.

 Location: A-2, Near Batla House, Batla House Chowk

Price: 2 Pc-160/4 Pc- 310/8 Pc-600

Also Try: Fried Chicken, Tandoori Chicken & Chicken Lollypop

Eat n Joy


This is one spot that garners love of so many..! Opposite to Batra Reels Cinema, we advise you to get yourself a day off  (obviously not just for this, we know a holiday just for yourself has long been overdue) or if odds doesn’t go in your favour then an approaching sunday is your call to do, you know what to do right…???

Location: 16, Community Center, New Friends Colony

Price: 2 Pc-140/ 4 Pc-260/ 8 Pc-470

Also Try: Paneer Butter Masala and Mutton Seekh

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