Best Cafes of GK-M Block Market

Cafes of GK-M Block Market
A cafeteria is not only a place that serves coffee but also a place to unwind and chill. Food is not the only thing that we look for in a cafeteria, we are also served with social interactions here! It is a place to spread some contemporary news, define trends and create friendships. Apart from being a hot-spot of budding friendships, it gives us our much-needed “me” time at an hour of need. So, here goes our list of the most enticing cafes of GK-M block market.

1. Sakley’s The Mountain Cafe-

If you are having a dull day then head for this. Apart from serving amazing food that can bring a surge of feel-good hormones, they have a beautiful ambience to brighten up your mood. The best part about this place is its interiors. You could be anywhere in the Himalayas, during the time you are there. The entire ceiling is formed from logs of wood and the the slow music and scented atmosphere will instantly cheer you up. Do try their pancakes.
Meal for two(approx): INR 1900.
Where:  M-23, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi.

2. My Bar Cafe-

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This is one of the best places in town for drool worthy and cheap food. This is the perfect place to go to if you are running short of money! As the name suggests, they even serve alcohol, at reasonable prices. What more can you ask for? Do try their Lemon chicken, Golden fried prawns and Murg Makhani.
Meal for two(approx): INR 1000.
Where: M-45,1st Floor, M-Block Market, Near Hazoori Lal Jewellers, Greater Kailash, New Delhi.

3. The Penthouse Cafe-

Cafes of GK-M Block Market
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This place is pretty famous among today’s youngsters. It has both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. They mainly serve European cuisine. They offer Hookah too! The big TV screen is a major stress-buster. And guess what, they provide free WiFi! Do try their Frozen margarita. It tastes heavenly!
Meal for two(approx): INR 1500.
Where: 6, 1st Floor, Near Fab India, N Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi.

4. Cafe Turtle-

It is almost like a tree house. Sit on its terrace, forget your worries and enjoy the sunset. Trust us, you won’t regret that. And an additional attraction for all the bibliophiles, they have a pretty good collection of books. Do try their Cold pumpkin soup and Crunchy Lebanese sandwich.
Meal for two(approx): INR 1000.
Where: N-16, 3rd Floor, Greater Kailash I,N Block Market,Near Fab India, New Delhi.

5. Cafe Diva-

They serve the most authentic Italian dishes. The ambience will soothe your nerves and help you relax after a hard day at work. Courteous waiters and decently priced food are their characteristics. Do try their Angel Hair Pasta.
Meal for two(approx): INR 1500.
Where:  N-8, N Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi.
No matter what the doctors say, we live for food. And when pleasant eateries are complemented with amazing food, life cannot be more amusing! We hope you make good use of our list. Take a friend or go alone as the world of food is calling out to you!

Go ahead and have fun at the best cafes of GK-M block market.

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