Gulnar, Janpath Hotel is hosting a Biryani festival

Hold your breath people, what I’m going to tell you will definitely blow your minds. We just heard that Delhi is hosting a crazy Biryani festival. Yes, yes, yes! You heard it right. There’s a biryani and shorba festival coming your way, and guess what? We don’t even have to wait since it has already commenced. Seasons change, people change but people’s love for Biryani never changes.   As winter comes approaching on our doorsteps, no one in their right minds will have the nerve to say NO to Biryani. There’s nothing in this world that a scrumptious plate of Biryani can’t fix.

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The Janpath Hotel, on Janpath Road, is hosting a Biryani & Shorba festival at Gulnar, their popular all-day dining restaurant.

Fortunately, this festival will go on for longer than a normal 2-3 day food festival. As I said, it has already started and will go on until the 31st of December. Just walk into Gulnar at The Janpath Hotel any day between 1 PM and 11 PM and fill yourself with the delicious aroma of an appetizing plate of Chicken Biryani (Oh sorry vegetarians, Vegetable Biryani too!).

The Biryani festival will offer all sorts of Biryani ranging from Awadhi to Hyderaadi to Lucknowi to Sindhi. All your favourite ingredients and mouth watering flavours will be present in that one plate of Biryani. Enjoy a delectable meal with Biryani, raita, shorba and some yummy salad. There’s enough in store for all you Biryani lovers.

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Don’t you think it’s time to plan a quick trip to Janpath? We have to agree that This Biryani festival has won all our hearts. What a stunning way to end the year!

Event: Biryani & Shorba Festival

Location: Gulnar, Janpath Hotel, Janpath Road

Timings: 1 PM-11 PM

Dates: Ongoing till 31st December,2016

Cost: 350 for vegetable biryani/ 450 for non-vegetable variants


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