#BiryaniMania: 4 Best Biryani Points You Have Got To Check Out!


Assalaam-o-Alaikum, Biryani lovers!! Ever tasted biryani that makes you drool even before it enters your mouth? Here are five places where you can eat finger licking good biryani at prices you never believed you would get charged.

30 Second Window:

  • How well do you know Dilli, Dilli?! Delhi is a pot of various cultures and biryani is one tradition that spans across all of them!
  • So, head to these Biryani joints around town for a flavourful plate of meaty biryani!

I. Babu Shahi Bawarchi, Matka Peer Masjid

With expertise at preparing authentic biryani and making its lovers drool since 1965, Babu Shahi Bawarchi is #1 in the list of the best places to eat biryani in Delhi. Why? Because its not the normal  ‘dhaba ka’ biryani; prepared daily, some people claim that once they start putting the spices the dish fills the surrounding area with the most delicious smell that one wishes for. Further, the atmosphere symbolizes the name of the area, ‘Matka’ Peer, with matkas (earthen pots) hanging from the trees.

However, remember to always order early in the morning as the biryani sells like hot maggi on a cold day.

Price for two: ₹400 (approximately)

Bulk Order (measured in kg’s): Chicken: ₹480/kg  Mutton : ₹620/kg

Contact Numbers: 011-23371454/+91-9650674070

Address: Shop number 5, Matka Peer Market, Mathura Road, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi -110002. Google Maps

Highlights: • Wheelchair Accessible  • Takeaway  • Parking  • Outdoor Seating                              

II. Al Jawahar, Jama Masjid

One of the oldest, grandest places to eat Mughlai food in Delhi, Al Jawahar, has had a love affair with the city for over two decades, with some of its die hard fans still going to the hole in the wall restaurant that matches up to the reputation of Karim’s. While many claim that the taste of the chicken biryani has met with a setback in the recent years, Al Jawahar continues to attract Mughlai food enthusiasts who never wish to leave after tasting the ever so succulent, MUTTON BIRYANI. Situated opposite Gate no. 2 of Jama Masjid, the restaurant exemplifies the very heart of Mughal lifestyle, with spaces for entire families to eat together as a unit to demolish the big succulent pieces of chicken and mutton. Don’t trust us with the popularity of the place? Go check out the place at any time in the evening and you’ll be baffled to see the long queue of people trying to be the first to enter the restaurant, especially during Eid and related festivals.

WARNING! Healthy food enthusiasts, if you wish to save your tummy from groaning then remember that traditional Mughlai food, if not tasted once or twice before, can cause slight tummy distress. But those who don’t mind slightly oily, spiced up curry with Al Jawahar’s best dish, the fabled mutton biryani – DON’T WAIT, RUN LIKE THE WIND!

Price for two: ₹600 (approximately)

Contact Number: 011-23275987

Address: Shop number 8, Jama Masjid Matia Mahal Road, Matia Mahal, Opposite gate number 1, New Delhi – 110006. Google Maps

Highlights: • Indoor seating arrangements • Mouth watering MUTTON BIRYANI • 10 minutes walking distance from closest parking lot  • Open till 2 am in the morning

III. Ghalib, Nizamuddin

Ghalib is one of Delhi’s most loved places for kebabs which, frankly, puts to shame the equally delicious chicken biryani sometimes. Possibly one of the smallest restaurants to eat in, Ghalib, is a master of Mughlai food. The big pieces of juicy chicken in the biryani make you want to eat with your bare hands like in no other place. Also, while not many would recommend mixing the chicken biryani with the oh so succulent qurma, GO AHEAD! You would be giving your taste buds a big surprise by eating the biryani with some spicy qurma. But be sure to keep something cold to drink closeby, as not many might find it easy to eat the spicy qurma.

While you’re still there be sure to try some of the kebabs that most other restaurants only hope of reproducing.

Price for two: ₹350 (approximately)

Contact Number:  011-9810786479

Address: T-395/2D, Dildar Nagar, Nizamuddin, Lodhi Rd, Nizamuddin, Nizamuddin West Slum, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi, Delhi 110013. Google Maps

Highlights: • Indoor and outdoor seating arrangement • Mind bogglingly sasta (affordable) food  • Serves halal

IV. Karim, Jama Masjid

Possibly one of the oldest places to eat Mughlai food, Karim’s, is best described as being synonymous with the culture and history of Mughal times. Established in 1913, the Old Delhi restaurant has had thousands of patrons since its inception. While it is well known for its curries and qurma, Karim’s also prepares the most delicious biryani your taste buds ever knew of. Mixed with the best spices and specially prepared chicken and mutton, the biryani melts in your mouth as you take in the aromatic smell of the food being prepared in big handis that make you drool as it is brought forth.

We would recommend that you ask for ‘thoda sa’ ghee to be mixed with your plate of biryani as it gives your palette that extra incentive to rejoice.

Price for two: ₹800 (approximately)

Contact Number: 011-23264981/+91-9971740634

Address: Kalan Mehal, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110002. Google Maps

Highlights: • Indoor seating Authentic Mughlai food 10 minutes walking distance from parking lot

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  • That you plan out your Biryani parties in ease with this list and make sure that you only eat the best plate of Biryani in town!

So, should we say more or meet you directly at the food joint?

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