Books on Delhi : Have you read these books Dilliwala’s ?

‘There is no end to adventure we can have

if only we seek them with our eyes open’-Jawaharlal Nehru

or listen them through our unclogged ears,  or simply let it drip into us through a porous heart. (This one has been made up though ! Keep Reading..)

Delhi, a cryptic world in itself, a city of cities has been an inspiration to almost everyone who has ever taken a stride down this wonderland. Securing its endless association with literature, several poets and authors from centuries across and even a substantial lot these days have continued to pen their vivid trysts with the Capital. We bring you some of the most loved accounts, the list has been exclusively scrounged by bugging our bibliophile friends and its now here for you.

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CITY OF DJINNS by William Dalrymple

A fascinating read, the City of Djinns is an irresistable account that rakes the very diverse layers of the Delhi’s history. Backed by the legend of Djinns and an eclectic series of characters, the book holds an intriguingly entertaining plot.


DELHI by Khushwant Singh

I asked my soul: What Is Delhi?” She replied: “The world is the body and Delhi is its life – Ghalib

A lucid account from the old man of literature;Khushwant singh, Delhi is wrapped in sumptous flavours of history and erotica. It engrosses readers by literally giving them a chilling retrospective retreat, narrating tales of delhi in the time of Shahjahan and aurangzeb with bouts of crazy sexual encounters.



This is no fast read….. The magnum opus of Rushdie, this book often reveals itself in layers to readers. Slightly digressing yet a charming read, the book veers off in a prose style introducing the readers to Saleem Sinai who takes the story line on almost a roller coster. In short, it is brutal yet beautiful in its ideosyncracies.


THE WHITE TIGER by Aravind Adiga

Carrying elements of shock and humour, reality and illusion, breathtaking insights and an hold of power; Aravind’s white tiger is a book too hard to ignore. It captures the exhilarating journey of a slum dweller turned enterpreneur Balram Halwai narrated through letters sent to the Chinese President before the latters visit to India. The book also shares dark humour, making it a fun to binge read.



The story is as enticing as the arresting riot of colors on the cover of this book. Capturing the sojourn of two New Yorkers in Delhi, the narrative mixes humour, frenzy,experience,ecstasy,love and reality as simply as a spicy- sweet combo of dahi bhalla chaat bleeding with flavours.



A recommendation in William Dalrymple’s ‘City of Djinns’, the book shares delhi which somehow remains elusive to so many of us. A slow paced narrative set in the pre independence era, it voices the life of Mir Nihal of an upper middle class muslim family that sets an air of calm yet melancholic encounters for the readers.


DELHI MOSTLY HARMLESS by Elizabeth Chatterjee

This book holds mixed reviews, where i’ve seen people giving it a sheer contempt for being all too negative in acknowledging Delhi where some pass this off with admiration for being crisp, humorous and extremely witty. You’ve got to read it on your own risk..!!



Raza Rumi’s “Delhi by Heart: Impressions of a Pakistani Traveller” is a wonderful account of a traveller who gets enamoured by Delhi, its culture and sheer historic roots. Readers often find it enormously captivating , for it  mingles sufism, food and history with as much brilliance as literature has ever been a witness to.


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