Here’s A Bucket List Of 10 Budget Shopping Markets In Delhi For The Shopaholic In You!

Budget Shopping Markets In Delhi

It’s an indisputable fact that there are several budget shopping markets in Delhi. Here you can get everything the shopper in you desires at the best prices. So, we thought of listing the top 10 budget shopping markets in Delhi  where you can get anything & everything.

30 Second Window:

  • So, lets put some perspective into place before diving into the list of places where you should head to if you’re going to live solo or with a couple of friends!
  • The list has been ranked in order of importance. Initially it tends towards basic essentials like food supplies, then clothes, furniture, books (if you’re a bookworm or student) & finally, retail therapy markets!
  • Well then, let’s get going!
Lakshmi Nagar, East Delhi

So, the reason why we added Pandara Road here in the list is not because we wanted feature restaurants, no! Pandara Road has one of the oldest PDS shops right behind the Mosque, next to the Khan Market metro station. And here you will find everything you need to from rice, wheat, pulses to toilet essential like soap, shaving cream, combs etc at throwaway prices. But what beats this place is Lakshmi Nagar! The market is a veritable discounted market where everything, from food supplies to clothing essentials can be found at less than half the market price! Traditionally, the market is a real hawkers markets! You can buy everything here for a sum that will later turn out to be far less than your budget! And as for Khari Baoli, the place is the spice capital of the Capital! And no joking, the market is full of sellers hawking their spices that are fresh, the best in Delhi & without any preservatives whatsoever!

Budget Score | 9.5/10

Central Market, Lajpat Nagar

The one and only place in Delhi where you will find authentic, yet cheap utensils is the Central Market in Lajpat Nagar! This place has some serious shop owners who’ve been sitting here since before a lot of people of our generation were even born. Here you will find countless shops selling the best quality utensils at throwaway prices. And the best part is that you can drop in anytime here to get your utensils fixed for free, if of course, it falls under warrantee. But then again, if it doesn’t, chill..they will happily charge you a nominal sum to fix it! Besides metal utensils, shops here also have sieves, spoons, serving spoons, cutlery & god knows what not! You better hit this place the next time you go utensil shopping!

Budget Score | 8/10

Sarojini Nagar, South Delhi

So, one of the first things anybody does when they shift to a new city is look for budget places to buy every day clothes & sometimes even office clothes! Head to Sarojini Nagar Market. Why? ‘Cause it’s a shopper’s haven! You will find everything here, from branded copies to actual branded clothes being sold at discounted rates! And the best part is that over here you will find entire looks for less than ₹1,000! Now, that’s something that has got to be on your list when you go shopping the next time. From pants to formal shirts, you will find a wide range of clothes shops here! At Sarojini Market you can buy everything party, hip & chill! It’s the place where everyone in Delhi has been going to since their childhood!

Budget Score | 9/10

Kirti Nagar Market, West Delhi

The King of furniture in Delhi-NCR, this market is the epitome of budget furniture shopping. Shops here have been there for decades now, selling top quality furniture made themselves & to our specifications since before they came into the mainstream! You can go here on any given day and never feel disappointed, because the range & the service shops here provide is simply mind boggling. There are two options at these markets – you either buy the pre made furniture that they have on sale or you have the shop owner build some for you! We personally suggest you go there & have them build beds & study tables according to your specification! That way you will get what YOU want and also keep a track of the money the carpenter will spend on buying raw materials. And the best part? These guys will even deliver to your doorsteps those beds & other pieces of furniture!

Budget Score | 8.5/10

Gaffar Market, Karol Bagh

And now finally to the most important part of the list – the retail therapy markets in Delhi-NCR! Sometimes it feels as if these three markets have been around for centuries, ’cause shops here know exactly what we want, for how much & in how much quantity. Gaffar Market is best known for its tech products that it sells, sometimes even before the good launches in India for how much? Less than half the price! Now, that’s a hot deal! This market is a haven for all those who love buying branded clothes or their first copies. Here you will find everything for throwaway prices that you & us sometimes fail to comprehend even!

Budget Score | 9/10

Nai Sadak, Chandni Chowk

Nai Sadak is an old Delhi favourite for all bookworms. With shops on both sides of the street selling second hand books, many shops here are a haven to all who wish to buy second hand books! And the best part? Even if you buy a first hand book here, it will cost you next to nothing. In fact, there are numerous shops here selling stationary items at a wholesale price. These three markets will never disappoint you & will always fulfil all your academic needs.

Budget Score | 10/10

INA Market, South Delhi

The full name of INA Market is Indian National Army Market. It is one of the popular budget shopping markets in Delhi Delhi. You will get all kinds of fresh vegetables, sea foods, and other various items at good rate. The very good thing about this market is that it is having all good quality things available over here. A person may also find wines and liquors of good quality which he will not found at reliable rates in any other markets. The shopkeepers’ located in this market also use to keep imported products in their shop too.More over, to impress the foreign customers they are having good command over different languages as well.

Budget Score | 9/10

Mahipalpur Market

Mahipalpur today is near the Delhi International airport and is flooded with shops, logistics companies and hotels. It is quite a huge cheap and best market. Mostly electronic goods and furniture goods are at the bear over there. If you need a good budgetary shopping about everything you should go there and check it out. Shop some unique variety of eatables and fruits and vegetables here too.

Budget Score | 8.5/10

Sadar Bazaar

Sadar Bazaar is the largest market for anything one wants. This market is very crowded and buzzes with activity. Although it is primarily a wholesale market, it also caters to occasional retail buyers. Owing to the sheer volumes that are traded here every day, a visit to the market can be termed as ‘sensory overload’ . The market as a whole deals in various items such as toys, imitation jewelry and stationery. It has become a den of counterfeit products of many multi- national companies.

Budget Score | 10/10

Connaught Place

Finally the king of all markets in Delhi! The sprawling circular market was the largest of its kind in India. The British believed that the horseshoe-shaped market would prove lucky for the shoppers and the shopkeepers both. This market has two circles. The inner circle consists of Blocks A to F, offering everything from accessories to shoes to electronic stuff. 

There is nothing one cannot buy here. It also has several eating-houses. The complex, popularly referred to as CP, is an important meeting point for all sections of people and is something. Even tourist don’t miss it for nothing else then foe its architecture ans the humdrum of everyday life.

Budget Score | 10/10

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  • That you spend your weekend evening in shopping at any of these budget shopping markets in Delhi for a wicked good time!

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