Capture Customized Kurtas And Aesthetically Beautiful Silver Jewellery From This Store In Gurugram!

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Have you ever thought of infusing sustainability into Fashion? We always looked-out to fancy the term eco-friendly but never actually thought of wearing it up. Well, this time you’ve gotta visit Manjha in Gurugram that has come up with aesthetic Silver Jewellery designs and beautiful handloom dresses based on Sustainable and Slow Fashion.

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What To Expect?

Sometimes you get spellbound by the cause for what the brand has actually been started-off. This brand by Nikita Seth promotes to empower the interest of the small weavers and dyers. Talking about its intricate designs and Jewellery which is far behind you can ever be dreamed of.

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What You’ll Love?

From flowy Ikat dresses to cotton handloom kurtas, you won’t be able to come empty-handed. WE BET! Also, the best part is that these guys make awe-struck dresses and crop-tops from the fabrics which aren’t of any use. Aaaand’ everything is customizable. OH YES!

Bottom Line

Go ahead and snag a dress for self rn!

Where | Golf Course Road, Block F, Gurugram

Location | Here

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