The Imperial and The ROKO Cancer Foundation came together for a cause!

Wondering why this post about a Women’s day event has come up 10 days after the actual International Women’s day!? This is because, all us women always forget to take care of ourselves. So my dear ladies, this is a sweet reminder for you all that your are solely responsible for your health and that, you need to take responsible measures in order to maintain a healthy living.

The Imperial Ladies' club members with Roko Cancer Charitable Trust team
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This special Women’s day event was organized by The Imperial, New Delhi with Mrs. Sudha MurgaiDirector, IndiaRoko Cancer Charitable Trust. Roko Cancer is an organization committed to identifying and eliminating BREAST, CERVICAL AND ORAL cancer in an institutionalized and structured manner by creating awareness among women of the nuances of this dreadful disease and its early detection through screening processes and self examinations.
If I ask you this one thing: that how many times you actually, thoroughly examine your body, your skin in front of the mirror? If you have to think a lot for this question, honey you need to start doing this; because if you don’t know what all is normal about/in your body, how will you notice anything abnormal (If any) anytime?


Ms. Joita Soni
Ms. Joita Soni

Ms. Joita Soni, a chief guest for the lovely afternoon of International Women’s day at The Imperial with Roko Cancer Charitable trust enlightened the women associates at The Imperial Ladies’ Club along with guests from media. She talked about the strength and power of a woman to fight back all odds, understanding the importance of their existence, in the life of their loved ones. While talking about her hard to believe survival journey and fighting back cancer again and again, she went down memory lane sharing her most difficult decision “ I will not feel sorry for myself for what I am going though “. She shared a strong message on the occasion  “Stop being a pleaser to others, negating your own self. This leads to storing of emotions against the rhythm of your body, developing into negative harmones which are eventually released in the form of diseases. Be spiritually awake and stay happy for your own self first !” Ms. Soni’s medical journey left everyone in tears and her courage and grit filled the women with utter inspiration. Her story educated and reminded all the women present that how special they are in their own right fighting back emotions and staying positive even in the hour of extreme distress.

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The event also featured a session on importance of healthy living for women by Dr. Sakshi SharmaSenior Manager- Projects and Health Planning Roko Cancer Charitable trust, initiating the relevance of being an alert and aware healthy womanDr. Neha Garg – Manager Projects and Health Planning Roko Cancer Charitable trust  had organized a special 20 minute meditation session to culminate the evening with peace and relaxation for all.

The evening concluded with a healthy and delicious Hi-tea spread put together by Chef Prem K Pogakula- Executive Sous Chef at The Imperial, to celebrate the occasion.


It is very much necessary that we all accept this fact that we have to stay happy for our own-selves. Keeping calm and staying strong in adverse situations are testing tasks but very essential for leading a peaceful life. Learn to respect your own-self and then only will others know how to respect you. Because, I believe there is always something unexplored about a woman that only she herself can explore.

Cheers to all women out there!

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