Check Out Delhi’s First PUBजी Restaurant In Punjabi Bagh

PUBजी in Punjabi Bagh

The only thing you need to do right now is nod your head and drive down to PUBजी in Punjabi Bagh!! PUBG’s desi and foodie version has finally opened shop here and it’s absolutely terrific. In fact, after the PUBG themed restaurant in Jaipur, this is probably the only other PUBजी restaurant in India. 😛

What to expect at PUBजी in Punjabi Bagh

So, without a doubt, PUBजी offers an array of Punjabi and other Indian cuisines! Their tandoori dishes are gob smacking delicious with the meat literally falling off the bone. Besides, it’s not just the name of the place that is quirky af, check out their liquidy delicacies like the Pop Kaun?!

Even though the place rather dimly lit, it makes up for everything fun with their fun twists to food. Their Stuffed Chaap Tandoori punches you with aggressive flavours that is so beautifully encompassed in its textures. In fact, the sauce provided with the meal is something that escalates the taste of the meal making it one that you’d defo come back for!!

What we love about PUBजी in Punjabi Bagh

These guys love preparing tandoori food and, trust us, it’s oh so gorgeous; the taste of it! And by god, you too are gonna love it!!

Bottom Line

If you love tandoori food and don’t wanna go elsewhere, then check this place out!

Where | 24, NWA Road, West Punjabi Bagh

Price For Two | INR 1,500

Facebook Page |

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