Cleaning Services Are Here at Your Rescue!

Hygiene is everybody’s utmost priority but then with all of us slogging  day and night, there hardly is anytime left to clean, be it the washroom, your cupboard or the house in general!But with some superb home cleaning services available at the click of a button, you can keep aside worrying about your mess, and go back to being awesome! Choose any of the cleaning services from below and give your room the makeover it desperately needs!

1. Dust Busterz Cleaning Service

Dust Busterz provide cleaning services for homes and offices in Delhi, Gurgaon and other areas in the NCR region. They offer deep cleaning and regular house cleaning, specializing in dusting, mopping and vacuuming. With experienced and trained staff, they are here to  provide you maximum customer satisfaction. They believe ‘everyone deserves a happy home’ and their services help you achieve just that!

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Contact: +91 9999 296 656


2. Broomberg Cleaning Service

Broomberg offers professional cleaning services for homes, cars and offices. Broomberg’s trained staff use 60+ chemicals and advanced equipments that can help create an atmosphere that results in a healthy environment and peace of mind. You can sit back and relax and leave the cleaning to the experts.

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Contact: 8010104040


3. iCleaners Cleaning Service

iCleaners is a Domestic/Commercial Cleaning Service Provider,  providing affordable professional cleaning services and boast of having given a makeover to about 1700 + houses in Delhi & NCR. They specialize in cleaning Bedrooms, Washrooms, Kitchens,  Drawing Rooms, Lobby & Dinning Rooms. They are here to make your life easier, less stressful and to help you find more time in your day. Consider iCleaners the busy person’s helper who wants you to enjoy life a little bit more.

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Contact: 85-0606-3535/ 0124-4144499

4. HelloSanta Cleaning Service

HelloSanta is your one stop solution to all your housing needs. Apart from house cleaning and car cleaning, they offer a plethora of other services like laundry, pest control, electrician, plumbing, carpentry and appliance repair. So, Say GoodBye To Hassles, Say HelloSanta , helping you simplifying your life!

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Contact: +91-9654883228


5. offers professional toilet cleaning services in the Delhi NCR Region including Gurgaon. is an end to end toilet management company where trained cleaners keep your toilets clean, hygienic and maintained on a regular basis. They also provide Household cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Car cleaning and Office cleaning services.

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Contact: +91-8287-111-888


6. Helpi Cleaning Service

Helpi is your wonderful cleaning buddy, that offers you cleaning service right from cleaning of fans to your washrooms and all if it  at wonderful prices. Their professionals are verified and the mode of payment is simple. Swipe through their app,choose the service, and make your payment!




Contact: 18002124357

So get back to your work or sit back and relax without worrying about cleaning the house yourself. That leaves you with  the kind of time you have been looking for, both for yourself and your closed ones.


P.S: Bachelors, now you can stay clean without having any excuses!

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