Connaught Place’s 10 Hottest Restaurants Right Now

Our very own, very colonial, Connaught Place definitely has an old-style imperial charm in its many buildings and passages.

But, that’s not why we love to flock there – because as much as we love our long-time establishments and neighbourhood standbys, Delhites are a fast-moving bunch fixated on what’s new and happening. Luckily, CP’s food-and-drink scene provides ample activity to satiate our short attention spans.

So here you have it, a guide to help update you on all the super-new, super-promising restaurants in Connaught Place:

1. Oh My God

connaught place

OMG, that’s the first thing you end up saying the moment you walk in. Red couches and enchanting lights and props, this newbie in Connaught Place is your place if you wish to have best of both Ambience and Food. A must visit for anybody who loves Mexican, is an art lover and wants to enjoy a great evening with a smooth Hookah.

Oomph Factor: Mushroom Galauti and Pork Seekh Kebab

Cost for Two: Rs 1800 approx

2. Tea Trails Café

Connaught Place


Tea Trails that recently opened in Connaught Place offers patio seating, and a beautiful breakfast menu (these go like really, really well together). With iconic dishes like Tea Pancakes, Tea Rubbed Chicken Salad, Thai Pumpkin Soup, Choco Chip Muffins, as well as a wide variety of teas, this restaurant should definitely make your summer brunch list.

Oomph Factor: Eggs Kejriwal. Nuff said.

Cost for Two: Rs 600 (approx)

3. Teddy Boy

Connaught Place

This Connaught Place newbie boasts of a super-kooky vibe, and early word indicates that this is a very fun restaurant.

Teddy Boy has a variety of cocktails such as Rum Ice-Cream, Mosco Mule, Cosmopolitan. Additionally, the food menu is loaded with fusion dishes such as prawn jhalmuri, Kasundi skewers, bacon wrapped prawns, and Ferrero Rocher golgappas (!).

Oomph Factor: Book a table and get 15% off and a complementary shot free.

Cost for Two: Rs 1600 (approx)


4. Hot Mess

Connaught Place

With ultra-glam interiors in shades of hot pink and purple, the vibe here is decidedly wiccan.  Dishes such as Chur Chur Pizza (with a magical crust that manages to be paper-thin but still somehow sturdy enough to hold toppings), Bourbon Smoked Honey Chicken, and Thai Basil Chicken that pair well with the cocktails – Penicillin, Pouch Mojito, Whiskey Sour, and Jager Bomb, are the reason why this restaurant is already jam-packed in the evenings.

Oomph Factor: The Aphrodisiac shooter.

Cost for Two: Rs 2000 (approx)

5. Go Gourmet

Connaught Place

Healthy is the call of the decade. And Gen Z is more or less obsessed with losing weight – be it through yoga, palates, spinning, gymming, or by eating as healthy as possible. (Usually, we go with both.)

By using only the freshest, quality ingredients, this Connought Place eatery’s healthy vibe is aptly kept up. Some Go Gourmet dishes that are already a hit with the Delhi crowd are: the Classic Caesar Salad, Quinoa with BBQed Chicken, Beetroot Feta Wrap, Detox Tea, and the Spiced Moroccan Lamb Sandwich.

Cost for Two: Rs 600 (approx)

6. Café MRP

Connaught Place

This café exudes CP’s old-world charm perfectly through décor. It also promises value for money, as you don’t just eat here for the reasonably priced (super decadent) dishes but also get drinks on MRP.

The food, ambience and the music together have made it a popular youth hangout spot. Some popular dishes are Mezze Platter, Chicken Shammi Kebabs, and the Grilled Paneer Pepper Sticks.

Oomph Factor: Chocolate Overload Sundae.

Cost for Two: Rs 800 (approx)


7. Wolfgang and Company

Connaught Place

This intimidating restaurant on the outskirts of CP serves as a paradise for the fans of mocktails. Not only mocktails, the place also offers a wide range of Beer and its European cuisine stands out. The place has something for everybody and its fancy ambience makes up for your first choice for all special occasions. The bar is very large and spacious as compared to others which is an added advantage.

Oomph Factor: Roadside Romeo Omelette and Vietnamese Basa

Cost for Two: Rs 800 (approx)


8. Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge

Connaught Place


This winner of TimesFood awards in the category of Best Tea Bar is the perfect spot for a reunion with old friends over way too many cuppas. Their teas have been praised by all the customers who claim that their lovely cakes-tea combos taste heavenly. Whilst here, you simply cannot afford to miss out on their White Tea, Lemongrass Tea, Apple and Rose Iced Teas.

Oomph Factor: Moroccan Mint Tea

Cost for Two: Rs 500 approx

9. Niche Lounge and Bistro

Connaught Place

An elegant restaurant for anyone who prefers a classy meal to a clumsy one, Niche’s menu features sophisticated comforts, with strict attention paid to food quality. Some dishes you absolutely cannot miss are Pappu Chicken, Parsi Chicken Burger, and Green Pea Risotto. Also try the bar delicacies such as Nine Hills Shiraz, Dom Perignon and Odyssey.

Oomph Factor: The Porky Thing

Cost for Two: Rs 1500 approx

10. Lord William Tea Lounge

Connaught Place

Offering a diverse range of herbal teas, rich pastries, and melt in the mouth bakery confections, this place is the lounge for those wanting to pitch an investment idea, or have a business oriented meal with the boss. The royal treatment met out to customers along with the regal-esque paintings and sculptures creates a truly British feel. Once you get here, do not miss out on their Vanilla Cheesecake or the creamy, flaky Pistachio Puffs.

Oomph Factor: Coffee Opera Pastry.

Cost for Two: Rs 2300 approx


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