#NomNom Days, With Customised Cakes? Head To Gurgaon’s Favourite Bakery!

Customised Cakes

Desserts, some say, are the most important part of any meal. Legally Sinful Bakery, has some big shot pros who create handcrafted cakes. The cakes not just taste great but also guarantee to put a smile on any face! Packing some really cool tricks & flicks under their aprons, Legally Sinful bakers create both customised cakes, as well as, a daily roster of beautifully designed artisan cake & bakes!

30 Second Window:

  • Legally Sinful Bakery is based in Gurgaon’s Nirvana Courtyard where the brand has a quaint, yet ever so engaging store front!
  • The bakery has an open view of the sky above through its small crevice of a window panel that also allows an open view of the entire Courtyard.
  • Considered to be the most beloved bakery for customised cakes in Gurgaon, Legally Sinful creates – to your specifications – cakes that pack some serious flavour bombs!
  • In fact, testimonials show that whether the person is a child or an adult, Legally Sinful bakes cakes with more love & passion than any we’ve come across in a while! We have some pictures of the cakes they baked for us & our friends.

Check out this amazing photo story we put together for you to kick start your drooling sessions!

For a flowery affair, Legally Sinful baked one of our friends this beautiful egg less chocolate cake, made with such finesse that it can turn any frown upside down!

Customised Cakes

For all those who love whipped cream cakes, like us, this chocolate cake is an absolute winner! We loved the design & the melting chcoclate filling inside the cake that gave us the ultimate #foodgasm!

Customised Cakes

Elsa, being the favourite character among Legally Sinful’s fans, they baked this gorgeous cake for one of their ardent fans – Uday. The multistory, big cake represents everything that Legally Sinful stands for. Headstrong and well built on the outside but gooey in the inside. This here is the egg less black forest cake draped with light blue whipped cream!

Customised Cakes

One of Legally Sinful’s most loved customer wanted a cake that oozes elegance. With a sweet yet, subtle flavour boom! Featuring here a two tier egg less vanilla cake with the bottom tier layered with white chocolate ganache. The top tier was layered was a fruit gateaux, madw with white cream, decorated with fondant flowers in pastel shades!

Customised Cakes

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you head to Legally Sinful today! And get your box of customised cakes that are so good. We are sure that you will be taken for a trip from here to the moon!
  • You also check out their other every day cakes, tea bakes & rich milkshakes! They are all to die for!

But in the meanwhile, do check out their Facebook page for more information & updates!

Where: C28, Nirvana Courtyard market, Sector 50, Gurgaon

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