Daryaganj : Every book lover’s Eden

Are you a self-proclaimed bibliotaph? Do you never have enough space to keep the entirety of your hoarded collection? Do you live and breathe books?  If the answer to any of the previous questions is a yes, then chances are high that you have heard of the Sunday book market hosted at Daryaganj.

Every bibliophile’s safe haven (not to forget extremely pocket-friendly), equipped with the weapons of a sturdy bag and a water bottle, the Sunday Book Market at Daryaganj sees its fair share of book-lovers arriving from all parts of Delhi to acquire and hoard what they consider prized possessions at 20% of the original prize.

If you haven’t been to this market yet, read on, we have jotted down 5 reasons to convince you to visit the market this upcoming Sunday:

Best sellers at cheap prices

Starting with the most obvious benefit of visiting the Sunday Book Market – you get to feast your eyes on the latest bestsellers, and buy them at one fourth the price of the original (cheaper still, if you know how to haggle). Ultimate pro tip: wear comfortable shoes as the market is nearly a kilometer long. Trust us; you won’t get tired of sampling the never-ending lines of the newest best-sellers.

Daryaganj's Sunday book market



Coffee table books

Are you a connoisseur of coffee table books? You will them aplenty at this market, at less than half the price. Some vendors sell coffee table books by the kilo while others sell different units at different prices. Make sure to bargain to ensure that you are getting a fair deal.


Daryaganj's Sunday book market


Classics at affordable prices

Equipped with not just the best sellers but the classics alike, the market offers new and unused classic literary novels at affordable prices for both the nuanced reader and the literature student.


Daryaganj's Sunday book market


Discover new books

If you are a bibliophile, we are sure you are always looking forward to discover new authors and make them your favourites. While given the abundance of books that the market hosts, its impossible to go through the blurb of every book, you might find new books that catch your eye and make you fall in love with them! Every bibliophile’s dream come true, right?

Daryaganj's Sunday book market



Stationery and books

If you love not just books but stationery as well, do make it a point to visit the market this Sunday because not only you get to buy registers/notebooks by the kilo, you also stand to get a good bargain on other stationery items.


Dust off those bags, bibliophiles! It’s time to show some book-lovin’.


Nearest metro station: New Delhi Railway Station on the Yellow Line.

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