‘Dastkar’ is organizing the winter mela from 15th-26th December, 2016

‘Dastkar’ was founded in 1981 by six women who worked in the craft and development sector, including Laila Tyabji, Dastkar’s current Chairperson. Dastkar robustly believes in “craft” as a social, cultural and economic vigour that, despite being marginalized due to urbanisation and industrialization, has the strength and potential to play a imperative role within the financially viable mainstream of the country. The crux of Dastkar’s programme is to help craftspeople, especially women, to use their own traditional craft skills as a means of employment, income generation and economic self-sufficiency.

Image may contain: 1 personDastkar, in partnership with Delhi Tourism, is organizing the Winter Mela – a heart-warming celebration of winter textiles, crafts, food and more!

Dastkar Winter Mela brings to you a fine array of clothing to warm up your closet with Tussar Silk Weaves from Chattisgarh and Bihar, the rare and intricate Dana-weaving or Tangalia Textiles from Gujarat and Kullu and Kinnauri wool shawls from Himachal Pradesh. Carpets from Kashmir, wool and jute dhurries from Uttar Pradesh, Ajrakh, Bandhani, Likat, Jamdani & embroidered textiles from Rajasthan, Odisha, West Bengal, Gujarat & Haryana will be presented at the fair. Banarasi brocades from Uttar Pradesh, exquisite Pashminas from Jammu & Kashmir along with warm and vibrant Woolen textiles and shawls from Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Gujarat will also be present. Dastkar will also exhibit a stunning range of natural beauty and food products.  You can also shop for Kutch Shawls and Stoles by several expert weavers from the Vankar community. Hand-embroidered and patchwork quilts will be available, as well as knitted sweaters, caps, gloves and socks.

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The core appeal of the exhibition will be Painted Fables: Panchatantra Chitra. It will exhibit the paintings depicting stories from the Panchatantra, narrated through different painting and craft styles – Madhubani of Bihar, Patachitra of West Bengal and Odisha, Sanjhi paper-cutting from Uttar Pradesh, Sikki grass, Santhal painting from Odisha, Phad painting of Rajasthan, Gond tribal painting of Madhya Pradesh and Kalamkari of Andhra Pradesh. A special edition of textiles, carpets, gemstone jewellery, dry fruits & more from Afghanistan will be displayed at Dastkar. This year the focus of the fair will be on products from Kashmir like Pashmina Shawls, beaten Namda floor coverings, traditional jewellery, garments, stoles and saris in Ari and Sozni embroidery and vibrant embroidered bags and accessories. The famous Kashmir saffron, nuts and dry fruit will also be on sale, as will delicious homemade strawberry, apricot and quince jam. With Weaves and knits, herbal and organic healthcare, beauty and food products, appetizing cuisines from Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Bihar, Bengal and Afghanistan, lively cultural performances, a fun special Christmas evening, there is lots on offer for everyone!

Image may contain: 2 people, people sittingDays: 15th-26th December, 2016

Time : 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Entry : Rs. 20
{Note : Credit & Debit cards will be accepted for shopping.}

Venue : Nature Bazaar, Kisan Haat, Andheri Modh, New Delhi – 110074
{Nearest Metro Station: Chatarpur, Yellow Line}

Event Description : SHOP & FOOD “Winter Mela’ by Dastkar

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