8 Places in Delhi to Get Designer Apparel on Rent

Socializing is another word for modern day life – and what better way to socialize than party? And of course, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of parties is ‘What are we going to wear?’ It’s a question that plagues you from the minute you know there’s an event, and leads to your wardrobe being turned inside out, detailed discussions with friends and maybe even a few hours crying over the lack of designer apparel in your stuffed closet!

But what if we tell you that there’s a way to look fabulous every single time, and yet never repeat your clothes? That there’s a way to avoid the hassle of it all and be effortlessly radiant? A new outfit for every occasion, and that feeling of being a celebrity every time you step into the room. And all, for an amount lesser than you could ever imagine!

Presenting the modern solution to the modern problem, renting! Houses are apparently not the only things on the market now, and here are the top 10 best places in Delhi to get that outfit of the day on rent.


  • Swishlist

Everything from ethnic to chic looks, Swishlist provides you the complete rental experience. Customers vouch for the care they received, and the compliments too! They answer all your queries and deliver the package just a day before and ask for it a day later.So just Rent it, Rock it and Return it!

designer apparel




  • Flyrobe

Get the latest stylish fashion, and brands like KOOVS on rent and be the star of your show! What’s more, they have free shipping and minimal terms and conditions, making designer apparel a hassle free renting experience. Choose between a 3 day or a longer renting period to suit your convenience, but never compromise on style!

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  • Stage 3

Start renting designer apparel for less than even a thousand rupees to look like a dream! Not only do are the outfits tailored to suit your needs, but they are also dry cleaned and sent to you. As a bonus, they also have accessories for each outfit to help complete your ideal look. What more could we ask for?

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  • Secret Wardrobe

Nobody needs to know the secret behind your glamour, and Secret Wardrobe helps you maintain that fashion quotient. From Masaba Gupta to Wendell Rodricks, their website is a portal into a fashionista’s ideal eclectic fashions! The aunties are definitely going to want to know where you get your styles from…sssh!

designer apparel

  • Gorenty

Now this website helps you earn while renting! Not only can you rent the fashion off the racks, but if you’ve over indulged and purchased some yourself, you can put those up as well! The site ensure proper payment and is basically the Amazon of apparel on rent. Paradise, you’re spelt GORENTY now.

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  •  DresslikeCelebrity.com

Remember that outfit Kareena wore as she sang Bole Choodiyan? Or the golden Desi Girl sari? With this website, transcend look-alike clothes and get the exact same look and be the Bollywood belle of the ball! Need we really say any more? Indulge in the joy of endless options to choose from, and as the icing on the cake – the website inspires you to create a unique designer apparel that you can rent as well! Choose a dress for any occasion, and voila! Here’s your new best friend.

designer apparel


  • Wrapd.in

Why Wrapd you ask? Let’s keep it simple. The low prices, the expensive names, the dry cleaning to satisfy, the alteration to look gorgeous and the unending selfies! With outlets in the most well-known parts of Delhi like Lajpat Nagar, convenience just got redefined.

designer apparel

  • RunAwayFashion.in

Wear the fashions straight off the ramps and doll up with grace for any occasion. With free to negligible costs of shopping, fashion just got a whole lot easier!

designer apparel


Save your pocket some tension and enjoy the compliments it gets you. So why shop anymore, when you can rent your fashionista self for a few hours! Now isn’t that a smart diva?

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