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Have you ever wrecked your brain in the morning to decide your attire when you have to attend a party post work? Or ever thought as to why you spend a lot on two types of dresses- one for work and the other for a dinner? The problem of buying multiple supreme quality dresses for day to day purpose leads to a hole in the pocket and the lack of versatile products further aggravates the problem. PostFold was conceived when the co-founders, Ashish Gurnani and Aashra Thatai. could not find clothes that would work post office.  They thought of coming up with a brand where the clothes  are so versatile, they can be worn to work, after work or on a Saturday night!

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PostFold, an online men’s and women’s apparel brand was started in November, 2015 under the guidance of Mr. Anoop Thatai (CEO & Joint Managing Director at Orient Craft) and Mr. CP Gurnani (MD and CEO of Tech Mahindra). It is a customer centric company that stands for selling high quality apparel from “Desk to Dinner” at affordable prices by eliminating the middlemen from each step of the product development and integrating latest designs in the garment. Their aim is to set out to find the perfect balance between the price and quality and at the same time be in tune with the modern trends.PostFold seeks to fill the gap between the niche luxury fashion market and the low quality affordable fashion market. The brand is synonymous with simplicity, sophistication and subtleness.


The idea was germinated when the co-founders returned to India after pursuing their education. They experienced a dent in the Indian apparel market and analyzed that affordable apparel is low quality and quality apparel is excruciatingly high priced. The most appalling fact being that India is one of the biggest manufacturers to the best brands in the world, yet finding high quality and great looking apparel is a task. They decided to dig deeper into why luxury brands charge such a high premium even though the designs were not vastly different. They found out even if the fabric used is of a higher quality still the price does not justify the 10X markups. Hence, they came with a business model where they manufacture and style apparel using high quality fabrics and keep the fixed costs low and curate clothes with the experienced stylists so that they can suggest attire from “Desk to Dinner”.

To Shop from Postfold , visit their website by clicking here – PostFold


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