DMRC Update! Pink Tokens To Be Issued In Delhi For Free Metro Rides

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While most Delhi women are ecstatic ’bout the free metro rides in the city, they may not be able to avail them unless they collect the pink tokens from the ticketing staff.¬† DMRC is taking up this step to ensure that the female riders do not hop into the trains without any authorised card or token. They need to mention their destination to the ticketer so that the tokens can be topped up with the requisite amount.

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Also, issuing of pink tokens for women is just a short term plan. The long term plan may come up with pink smart cards which will be deemed valid only after registration through a new software. And registrations might be restricted to Delhi residents only!

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There’s gonna be civil defence volunteers in the stations for crowd control and management. Also, a survey will be carried out on all 259 stations to find out which stations need infrastructural revamp.

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So, ladies in Delhi brace yourselves ‘coz the free rides’ plan is on!

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