Dubai Diaries with Chef Kunal Kapur on Episode 4

Hop on a virtual train to the most decadent and luxurious destination in the world with NDTV Good Times’ newest show – The Dubai Diaries. A five episode series that is more like a versatile mocktail, this program covers all that this glamorous city has to offer, from food and fashion, to shopping and splurging.

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Amongst all episodes, the fourth is one which all food lovers must set their reminders to watch. With a theme of Fine Dining and Incredible Gastronomic Experiences, it offers you a chance to go on a culinary tour that covers all the foodie hubs in this city of skyscrapers. Dubai is a modern city that sprung up in the middle of the great desert, and so unlike most places which have a traditional food culture that has been around for ages, here you can find an elegant blend of global gastronomies. And, not any watered-down, dull version – it is the most lavish, indulgent kind of cuisine you will ever encounter. Dubai boasts one of the world’s best collections of restaurants, and in this episode you go beyond the clichéd continental and South Asian fare to discover culinary concoctions from other parts of the Middle East, Central Asia, European flavors, and tastes of the united palate of the world.


Interestingly, each part of the Dubai Diaries is being hosted by a different, amazing celebrity, and there’s really no one better to showcase Dubai’s versatile fare than MasterChef Kunal Kapur. Kunal’s episode centers on high end dining restaurants, the elegant atmosphere in their depths, and the exceptional flavor experiences. As one of the highest rated chefs of the nation, taking this journey with Chef Kunal allows you to bump into the culinary artists that run these restaurants, discover the stories behind their dishes, and watch as our favorite Indian chef tries out his hand at recreating the masterpieces in some of the very preeminent kitchens in the world.

You venture alongside Chef Kunal into the kitchen of the stellar ‘Omnia Gourmet’, in the Jumeirah Fishing Village, where you get to see local cuisine being prepared (comprising of some exotic ingredients you might never have seen, or even heard of before.) Since most of the food is imported to Dubai, being a city amid a vast desert, Omnia sets itself a class apart with its approach to sourcing only local ingredients.


Viewers also dine at the famed Creek in this episode, savor the ambience of high tea at Burj Al Arab, and proceed onto a complete food tasting tour in DIFC – Dubai’s International Center for all that is trendy. Here, from the amuse-bouche to the desserts, you get to sample multi-course meals at some truly spectacular restaurants – La Petite Maison, Amal and Bateaux. Then, at the world-renowned Zuma, you get the sense of its incredible vibes, the astounding décor, and flavorsome contemporary Japanese cuisine.

You’ll also get to lose yourself in the captivating aura of the Bab Al Shams resort, and tempt your palate with the array of dishes the Shams’ chefs have to offer. Moreover, because shopping for cheeses and fine produce is considered a mandate for Indian foodaholics travelling to Dubai, Kunal will pay a visit to Markets and Platters, and teach you the intricacies of buying gourmet ingredients in this city. The audience will get a chance to learn how to select the very best amid all the produce that is to offer, and also acquire some professional tips on using these elements in food once you get back home.


Finally, because we Indians simply cannot survive without home food for too long, Kunal will take you inside the ornately carved doors of the Mint Leaf, and the Patiala restaurant for a taste of haute Indian cuisine, and its nouveaux flavors that are sure to impress. All in all, with Chef Kunal’s expertise and his sense of discovery, you get to have the most fascinating television experience ever. You’ll definitely be tempted to vacation in Dubai this year, after getting a taste of all that the city has on its plate. (Both literally, and figuratively.)

The Show will be On Air this Thursday, 21st April at 8 PM on NDTV Good Times.

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