#DubaiDiaries: Ambika Anand Goes On A Fashionable Shopping Binge

Dubai Diaries

Calling all fashion and shopping enthusiasts, Ambika Anand has landed in Dubai for a fashionable shopping binge tour of the Emirates.

Ladies and gentlemen & boys and girls, remember the days we dreamed of shopping in the future fashion capital of the world? Well buckle up for a trip to Dubai for an all out presentation of the fashion and shopping scene of the premiere city of the Emirates.

Dubai Diaries, the preeminent travel series of 10 episodes offers the Indian traveler an insider view of the premiere city of the Emirates – from food and fashion, shopping and entertainment, hotels and beaches to family fun sports and adventure. The show will be a fast paced, fun and lighthearted travelogue that will tell personal stories and experiences through the eyes of seasoned anchors who will, during the course of the show, add their own brand of personality to bring credibility to the show. So, we all will be in for a treat as the show will not just capture the glamour of the city through anchor stories, their interactions and experiences but also through the visual aesthetics of the city itself.

Special Highlight: Episode 10: Shopping & Fashion In Dubai


Ambika Anand is a fashion expert best known for her quirky sense of style and inside knowledge of various industries that keep her audience engaged, entertained and informed. With experience of over a decade, Ambika has traveled to various fashion capitals of the world and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. She formerly hosted shows that cover areas such as fashion, wedding and travel for NDTV Good Times. A list of some her hit shows include I’m Too Sexy  For My Shoes, The Big Fat Indian Wedding, 10 Things To Do Before You Say Bye & Vanity No Apologies.

Why watch the series? Well here is why you should and must.

Dubai is slowly becoming one of the fashion capitals of the world with many internationally known designers and fashion experts taking part in the various fashion related events in the premiere city of the Emirates. Last year alone a parade of international fashion executives, editors and models took part in a fashion show-cum-photo op tour of Dubai Mall as part of the third annual Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience.

Also part of the episode will be a presentation of some of the best places in Dubai to shop your hearts out. The average Indian shopaholic and traveler must watch this show as the city will be celebrating the 22nd anniversary of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), the largest shopping and entertainment extravaganza in the Middle East. The shopping obsession peaks each year in January during the DSF, the longest running festival of its kind. Along with unbeatable deals, DSF is home to Guinness World Records, celebrity performances and plenty of amazing events to celebrate the Emirate’s favorite pastime.

So, there’s a reason for Indians to watch this show as the show will not just cover the stories of the existing Indian citizen staying in Dubai but it will also work as a guide to the thousands of other Indians who will soon be travelling to the Emirates for a long and happy vacation. The aim of the show will be to function as an entertaining yet, educational guide to the city and its fashion and shopping scene.


About Episode 10 Of Dubai Diaries:

Indians love shopping and this episode will showcase the length and breadth of shopping options in Dubai – malls, small malls, boutiques and the Dubai Shopping Festival. Ambika Anand will also travel around the Dubai Mall, visit department stores and  go for a massage at Margaret Dobbs. She is also expected to meet fashion editors and designers and explore quirky shopping areas like The Box Park and boutiques like Bambah.


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