A Girl Was Videotaped by an Ola Driver and all The Company Had To Say Was Sorry

Sorry is a versatile word. It mends everything, from broken hearts to injured egos, just about everything can be made better by using one word- Sorry. Or at least that is what the popular cab company Ola thinks.

Recently, a young woman named Priyanka was traveling in an Ola cab and realized that she was being video-taped by the driver. She decided to take action, and rightly so, it is horrifying to go through what she did. She felt violated and this incident disturbed her. She lodged a complaint with the police and guess what? The driver was put behind bars, but the police told her that he would be freed within a day or two since it was just a bailable offence. After this nonchalant attitude of the police, she decided to take a step further and complained to Ola since she did not want such incidents to be repeated in future with any other woman. After seven days of making the complaint, all the company had to say was that they’re “Sorry” for her bad experience.

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It is shocking to see this attitude of the company towards a complaint so serious. Kudos to Priyanka for being a braveheart and speaking up against this. And well, we can only be sorry for the company for being a coward.

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