The Grub Fest 2016: A Must Attend Event

The Grub Fest is revisiting Delhi with its fourth edition and this time it is going to be bigger and better. Beginning from the 18th of March, it will be a three day long fiesta at the JLN Stadium, New Delhi. Given its past reputation we know that Grub fest is the perfect blend of food and entertainment, but this edition has much more in bag for us. Here’s a list of reasons as to why your taste buds will keep tickling during the fest:


1. The biggest food fest

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The Grub Fest is till date the biggest ever food event that has seen the light of the day in this city and the true blue foodies will never ever skip it, reason being, it’s a god damn food fest bro!


2. Culinary gods and goddesses

Ranveer Brar
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The event will be graced by the presence of some of the biggest names in the culinary world, which includes the masterchef judges, Ajay Chopra and Ranveer Brar among other renowned chefs. This is a perfect opportunity to meet your miracle makers and learn a few tips and tricks about your lifeline.


3. Musical twist

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The Grub Fest will not only soothe your hunger pangs but also lighten up your weekend as a number of bands, individuals and DJs will be performing, Wolfgang and Co., Barmerboys, Zephyr, Mojo Jojo are a few highlights of the three event. And DJ Nucleya will be banging the beat on the final night of the fest.


4. Mixed Martial Arts

mixed martial arts
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Have heard of any fest with live Mixed Martial Arts bouts? Neither have we, and you must visit the fest to find out what this mix of a professional MMA match along with mouthwatering food feels like.


5. Live screening

Live Screening
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How will one catch the epic match of India Vs. Pakistan T20 World Cup? Well, no worries, as the Grub Fest presents good food along with live screening of the match. Brownie points to the Grub fest!

6. The food stalls

the grub fest
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The big whales from the gourmet industry are setting up their stalls to please your taste buds. From starters to desserts, Indian to Italian, beer to berry shakes, think of a type and you’ll find all in there. It’s the secret food cave, which all the connoisseurs are obligated to visit. Brown Sugar, Café Dalaal Street, Social, Wow Momo, PCO are a few biggies prepping for the fest.


7. Cheap rides

Cheap rides
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In case you are dying to go but do not have any conveyance, here is a little treat for you all, Ola is giving free rides and 25% off on rides! So throw in a few antacids in your bags and head straight to JLN stadium for the food retreat.

Call all your friends, visit this place and enjoy this Grub Fest!

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