Hand Painted Shoes And More Straight From The Mountains!

Have you ever wanted to own a pair of shoes so beautifully hand painted that you would pick it over everything else every time? This homemade brand is something you’ve GOT to check out!

They call themselves ‘Flawed’ but trust us, there is nothing more perfect than their merch! For the hand painted shoes, they use the good old PT shoes we wore in school. The way you look at these shoes is going to change completely.

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Nested in a small town in Uttarakhand, they paint not only shoes but other accessories like mugs and cushion covers too! The aim is to make you travel back in time and appreciate beauty in its raw form!

With so many brands coming up with accessories that offer handmade merch, we are leading you to one brand that will personalize your orders and is one-of-a-kind. And what’s more.. they take design requests, bulk orders, and even graphic designs requests!

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We also think they’re very affordable, at INR 750 and up for shoes, it’s an easy way to jazz up a dull outfit! The cushion covers can also make your room look vibrant and colorful even if you just have white sheets!

And as everything good takes time, the orders take time too! But you know what they say about patience. Whatsapp them your order requests and wait for the magic to happen! They ship all over India!

Contact | 919675819557

Instagram | Flawed 

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