Hidden Gems Of Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India has much more to offer than just lavish lifestyle and exotic locations. It has something more which most of the people are not well versed with. Old havelis and forgotten forts, to places where one can shop everything in just INR 250/-.

Apart from just considering people of here as  shopping freaks or party people, this city has a blast from the past locations as well. We will talk about such locations which are still hidden from the people of the city-

1. The Khooni darwaaza-

Considered as the “lal darwaaza” this has been the place of great admiration by the people who belong to the roots of Delhi. This place was built by the Mughal emperor and the beauty cannot be described in words.


2. Everyone knows about char minar, what if there is a “Chor minar” as well?-

Delhi has its “chor minar” where you can now, see women and their little kids which are being told the horrific story of the place which says that around 250 thieves were beheaded here so that the aspiring thieves have a tough time thinking if they should steal or not.


3. Majnu ka tila-

The Tibetan market is an offbeat shopping bonanza. The place is occupied with shops of slippers and clothes which can cost you around INR 250/- only. Cheap shopping and good deals in clothes, everything is here if you are looking for budget shopping.


4. Gazipur phool mandi-

This place is the largest place in India where one can get all types of flowers. Imagine a sight filled with flowers, no explanation further required.


5. Delhi ridge-

Popular for two reasons- one that it shows how beautiful the city is because of the greenry and secondly it has scientific reasons attached because it is considered to be the “lungs of the city”. This area helps neutralize pollution to a great extent.


6. Master jee ki haveli-

The place can be spotted with people who love flying kites or engaging in retro activities for fun. Pigeon fighting and hookah are commonly sighted here. If you go through a travel operator, you can have a good meal at night in the haveli as well.


7. Jahaz mahal-

The appearance of a ship, makes this place unique and very exotic. The location will woo your mind and bring in peace. This place is worth visiting once, if someone is in Delhi.



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