Summerhouse Cafe Is Hosting The Biggest Hip Hop Party Of Delhi This Week!

Hip Hop

Hip Hop first came into existence in the US and has since then led a storm around the world. Well Summerhouse Cafe is presenting the first ever Hip Hop Bhassad tomorrow and you’re all invited for another stellar round of rapping & R&B.

30 Second Window:

  • Summerhouse Cafe is inviting the 3 rising stars of Delhi’s music circuit.
  • Seedhe Maut, Yungsta & DJ Karma will sing & party with the guests at the most trippy party of January. All three artists are rising in the wake of a decreasing popularity of hip hop artists.
  • Summerhouse Cafe is hosting this event tomorrow at their iconic rooftop venue in Hauz Khas. So, drink some, eat a lot, rap like a king & dance like there’s no tomorrow!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you kick off the mid week blues with some really cool artists who’ll have you dab(ing) the entire night with their tunes!

Where: Summerhouse Cafe, Aurobindo Market

When: 11th January

To Know More: Click Here

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