Love PlayStation Gaming? Head To India Gaming Show @ Pragati Maidan In February!

India Gaming Show

Ole Ole Ole! India Gaming Show is coming to Pragati Maidan in February for apne desh ka first ever gaming carnival. The Gaming Show will be held over three days with ace players coming from around the country! So, if you’re a PlayStation buff, now is the time to show off your skills as a PS console player!

30 Second Window:

  • India Gaming Show will be hosted by Gaming Central, a relatively new concept that aims to bring together the best players from around the country under one roof!
  • PlayStation buffs will have the time of their lives at this carnival. With games such as FIFA, Watch Dogs 2, Fallout 4 and many more!
  • Besides, the carnival will also allow the guests to play some really cool latest games along with gaming contests & giveaways! Cool eh?
  • The carnival will be held in association with CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), so you know that if anything, this carnival is legit to the core!

India Gaming Show

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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you get your gaming nerd on, because the competition is going to be tough.
  • Remember the last time you’d a scuffle over the last game of FIFA? Well, guess what? It’s going to be a riot over here to reach the top.
  • Guests will get the chance to meet some really cool gaming experts who’ve been at the top of their game since forever!
  • Also, the carnival promises to offer gaming on some of the best hardware mean machines, so you know it’s going to be..legendary!

When: 2nd February – 5th February

Where: Pragati Maidan

Timings: 2nd Feb 10:00 am – 5th Feb 06:00 pm

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