India’s First Trump Tower Opens In Gurgaon, 20 Apartments Sold Out In 24 Hrs!

Where | 107, Time Centre, Golf Course Road

Donald J. Trump’s Trump Towers made its debut in India just yesterday as it flagged off its first Tower in Gurgaon! And if you knew how much it cost and how quickly the apartments got sold off – even your socks will get blown away.

So, here’s the deal. Trump Tower in Gurgaon sold off 20 apartments worth 150 crores within 24 hrs! The buildings were built in collaboration with M3M and Tribeca Developers.

However, the total 150 crores that they made by selling the 20 apartments paled in comparison to the expected 2,500 crore target the company had set!

The 250 units in the tower are beyond luxurious and cost anywhere between 5-10 crores. The development of these towers, each of which will have 50 floors and over 600 feet facing Gurgaon’s Golf Course Road will commence in March and complete in the next 5 years.

Crazy, right? Read more about this here.

Cover Image Courtesy | India Times

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