After effects of Instagram’s new feature -in Delhi

What’s new? Instagram’s new! Yes, Instagram is the current talk of the town because of it’s new feature. I am talking about the new “InstaStories” feature, recently launched by Instagram. With the new update, an Instagram user would be able to post InstaStories or, Insta snaps. Sounds familiar? Well, if you are an avid Snapchat user, you would get the context.With the introduction of this new feature, we can see things changing. On Instagram, on Snapchat and, in Delhi too! What could be the after effects of Instagram’s new feature in Delhi?  Here’s a list of the forthcoming sprees in Delhi :

 1. Instagram will meet spontaneous metro journeys




Till now, Snapchat was well versed with interesting Delhi Metro stories, ie. spontaneous fights, crowded coaches etc. Now Instagram will also be full of the same. Also, till now, people used to take selfies at metro stations or click photos of metros and upload those on Instagram. But now, Instagram will also get a live feed of the Metro journeys. Exciting, right?

2.  Instagram will meet the Shopping sprees



Before the advent of this new feature, we would see people dressing up in the stuff they had shopped and uploading selfies and photos of the same. But now, Instagram will witness the whole process of bargaining and chaotic procedures of shopping in Sarojini, Lajpat or in posh malls. Anti bargaining hawkers say hi to Instagram!

 3. Instagram will be the new BFF and Snapchat might exit the Delhi friend’s circle


With this new feature, Instagram might replace Snapchat. People won’t have to switch apps for uploading purposes or for following a celebrity etc. Instagram will be the new BFF and Snapchat might end up becoming a “last-used-a-week-before” app. Will delhiites be loyal to Snapchat or would they bask in the aura of the new friend, Instagram and forget the good old buddy?

4. Less of Dog filters in Delhi



As people would make a shift to Instagram for uploading purposes, Delhi might see less of Dog filter selfies. If delhiites would use Instagram for uploading snaps, Delhi will have less of dog filter and tiara filter selfies. Will delhiites say goodbye to them old filters?

5. Live E Rickshaw rides on Instagram



Instagram would be familiarised with live, bumpy E rickshaw rides too. Delhiites would surely upload live snaps and stories of Delhi’s dhanno, ie. the E Rick.

Instagram is definitely going to see more of Delhi. And will Delhiites disappoint Insta? Nah! All I would say is, Snapchat, watch out! Delhi might develop a liking for Instagram, over you.


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