#EmpowerWomen: Head To ‘I Will Go Out’ Movement & Support The Cause!

I Will Go Out

Delhi! Nationwide movement – I Will Go Out is coming to the city!

To many 2017 brought joy & happiness but there are still many nameless figures to whom 2017 brought only pain & sadness. Look at what happened in Bangalore, better yet, see what’s going on in Delhi itself! It’s the 21st century & people still objectify women. Why is that we keep talking about Digital India, Make In India and other initiatives of the Government of India? Why don’t we ever sit down, think about the promises we made to our baby sisters & extend the same courtesy to all the other ladies in town? It’s all good to talk about it on News Channels, hosting various talks or workshops, but it’s never enough! Why? Because it’s the mentality that we have, or rather the perception that we have of women that needs to change first.

You know the last time I saw a good godly happy lady was when she was riding her motorbike in Connaught Place. I can’t even tell you how heartwarming it was to see a woman going *vroom* *vroom* on her bike like a boss! Consider this, there are still thousands of women out there in the city who sit with their legs facing sideways while riding shotgun on the bike. Ever stopped to consider that the seating position might be just be another sexist thing? So, I asked a friend why women sit that way & the person said, must be something biological. Seriously? Frankly, that’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard. And even if it is a biological thing, do you really suppose that a lady would want to sit like that, knowing full well that a car or a bike might just hit her on the legs? Besides, if women can ride & drive then, why sit that way? Food for thought!

30 Second Window:

  • Say hi to the nationwide ‘I Will Go Out’ movement. The aim of the drive is to help women reclaim public spaces!
  • The movement is making efforts to mobilise organisations, individuals & the State to help make people understand the emotions behind the problem that is sexism.
  • #IWillGoOut will be a walk that is scheduled to take place in Delhi tomorrow!

I Will Go Out

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you participate in the walk, support the nameless figures who feel unsafe in the streets of Delhi.
  • But please do make sure that you create no ruckus. Bangalore was not an odd case that emerged out of the blue. The attitude of the people there might have been triggered by the ‘festivities’ but that’s just how things start!

So, head for the I Will Go Out movement walk. It will start from Barakhamba Road & end at Jantar Manar. Toh if at all you miss out the beginning at ITO, just join them near the next metro station!

When: 21st January

Where: Barakhamba Road

Timings: 05:00 pm onward

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