Hola Peeps! Get Ready To Groove On The Beats Of Prada Fame Jass Manak And Guri This Saturday

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This Saturday Sagar films is organizing an event at Talkatora stadium to unwind you from all the work related-week long stress. They bring you the best summer blast of the season with the live performances by Jass Manak and Guri on your favorite and widespread tracks. Read On!

talkatora stadium

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What To Expect?

Witness a fun-filled evening and shake your legs on the beats of rocking Punjabi songs with your peers to de-stress yourself and enjoy every inch of the time spend here. Excited much?


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What You’ll Love?

What’s a better than a night with the young, famous and sassy star Punjabi singers Jass Manak and Guri and their dance group. Groove on their renowned party hip-hops- Prada, Billian Billian, Girlfriend and a lot more. Buck Up!

jass manak

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Bottom Line

Peeps! Put on your dancing shoes and brace up to rock and roll this weekend!

Where | Talkatora Stadium, Delhi

When | July 20, 6PM

Price | ₹944 – 1770

Location | Here

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