Order A Rickshaw & Get Food Delivered To Your Doorsteps With Jugnoo!


Jugnoo, the auto rickshaw application has started a new venture in Delhi-NCR. The new initiative called, Meals, is the food delivery counterpart of Jugnoo that will allow customers to order food, along with the auto-rickshaw! The initiative started in Gurgaon after a long & successful run in Chandigarh & Jaipur. Besides, the food is quite cheap. Nothing extravagant, just home made food cooked to perfection!

30 Second Window:

  • The Jugnoo application is now allowing customers to order food along with any other auto rickshaw service that they might require.
  • The meals are cooked daily in Jugnoo’s kitchen. In fact, customers can order food any time between – 12:30 pm to 04:30 pm and 07:30 pm to 10:30 pm.
  • Customers can also ask for an on the dot delivery, so the food remains hot, stomachs remain empty & mouths star watering as soon as the food gets delivered.
  • Finally, the menu is not set. It changes daily so as to create a wide range of delicacies for all the foodies in town. Customers can pay using their e-wallets, in keeping with recent transition to cashless shopping.

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you order your office auto rickshaw with Jugnoo. So, the next time you travel your food gets delivered along with your ride.

Where: Gurgaon (for now, soon they will expand to the other NCR regions)

Keep yourself updated with Jugnoo’s Facebook page!

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