Looking For Karaoke Night This Week? Head To The Chatter House, Delhi’s Newest Karaoke Destination!

Karaoke Night

The Chatter House in Delhi is bringing home the Karaoke night jam we all have been keenly waiting for! And the event is not just for those who love singing while bathing but also for those can’t resist crooning to awesome songs in their head. So, if at all you wish Delhi to hear your voice & the whole cafe to sing along with you, we highly recommends that you head to Thursday Karaoke night at The Chatter House!

30 Second Window:

  • So, The Chatter House at both Khan Market & Nehru Place is hosting the perfect karaoke night this Thursday. And we can’t wait to hear ya’ll sing along!
  • Karaoke night, it seems, is the hottest way to make people hear your amazing voice sing iconic songs in both Hindi & English. And if that wasn’t all The Chatter House is also offering some amazing dishes for you to pig out on!
  • Now, we’re sure that you’d rather spend your Thursdays singing with every other Delhite at the event. But we would ask you to kindly also revel in their delicious menu! Why? Because we’re sure that you will get your fix of everything beery & greasy here.

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  • That you plan out your perfect Thursday night with The Chatter House at their Karaoke Night special!

Sneak Peak | The Chatter House, Nehru Place

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