Did You Hear? Keventers Has Launched India’s First Warm Milkshake Menu!


Duddu lovers! Keventers, India’s most loved milkshake brand has a solution to all our “brrr, it’s cold” moments! For the first time in the country the brand has started its warm milkshakes’ menu! And we can’t wait to try them out!

30 Second Window:

  • The brand is now going to start selling warm milkshakes in all its stores.
  • So, wake up in the morning with some ‘warm chocolate milkshake’ along with that usual chapatti & sabzi!
  • Break free from that next brrrrr moment with Keventers at any of their stores located across Delhi-NCR. And select from the delicious range of other milkshakes!

So, head to any of their stores on your way to work or tuition classes & enjoy the decadent milkshakes that will rock you off your chairs!

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