Know The Best Food Outlets At Select CITYWALK’s My Square

Delhi’s Select CITYWALK is known for amassing a variety of premier stores within its gigantic, beautifully architectured premises. From luxury brands like Massimo Dutti, Armani, Dior Beauty, Sephora and H&M, to Delhi’s classics like the Keventer’s , Om Book Store and Crossword, Select CITYWALK houses every store you could possibly imagine.

It comes as no surprise then, that some of the city’s finest and our favourite restaurants stand among the vast variety of food outlets at Select CITYWALK’s food court. This place has something for everyone, and for the foodie in you, it is no less than heaven (or a source of temporary food coma)! Thus, here’s listed out five picks for the best outlets in Delhi’s Select CITYWALK’s My Square.


1: Khyen Chyen

Khyen Chyen translates to “khaana peena” in Kashmiri, and that is exactly what this restaurant is perfect for. The first restaurant to serve Kashmiri food in Delhi, Khyen Chyen has become synonymous with Kashmiri cuisine in the city. Their ambience drips opulence, and their savoury dishes are to die for! Since Khyen Chyen is an authentic Kashmiri restaurant, one must try their Chicken Rogan Josh and Doon Tczetin (a traditional walnut dish) to introduce themselves to Kashmiri cuisine first. You can top it off with a Kashmiri Cooler for dessert!

Cost for two: 1300


2: Big Fat Sandwich

Fans of Big Fan Sandwich swear by it– even going as far as to call it the best sandwich chain in the city, and we see (or perhaps taste) the reason(s) why! Big Fat Sandwich is your go-to for all your snack needs! Their gigantic sandwiches are filling, tasty, and not at all overpriced. Moreover, they have some of the most polite staff in the city and it is a pleasure being served by them. If you are tired from walking all the stores in Citywalk and need a quick meal, just enter BFS and order one of their Texas Massacre sandwiches, if you are a hardcore non-vegetarian, or their Green Lantern sandwiches. if you are a vegetarian. While Texas Massacre is a pork and cream cheese affair, Green Lantern is the most delectable combination of bread, paneer and pesto you could come across! Add one of their delicious shakes to the order and you’re good to go for your shopping trip!

Cost for two: 700


3: SS Onn The Go

While all of us love our fine dining, sometimes, your chicken risottos and spinach lasagnas need to take a step back for the real deal- street food. All Indians like junk food savoury and spicy, and SS Onn The Go caters to this national love for street food in style! Although it is originally from Mumbai, SS Onn The Go serves far more than vada pavs. Their Chinese Bhel and Chilli Idli Pav Bhaji are unbeatable favourites. During Navratra, they even serve a special Navratra thali which is full of delicacies like kuttu puri, kele ki subzi, kheer, sabutdana vada, and if you’re a foodie who likes her foodventures, this should be on your checklist.

Cost for two: ₹700


4: Saravana Bhavan

If you are food-lover who has food-loving friends, you have probably heard of Saravana Bhavan at least ten times. You just might have been encouraged to try it out by friends who went there, and it’s about time you did! Saravana Bhavan is your go-to for south-Indian cuisine. If you like your dosas crispy and your filter coffee authentic, Saravana Bhavan is the place for you! The outlet has a calm and organised ambience, and when you visit you can see (and marvel at) their level of hygiene. It’s also very easy on your pocket, and this adds to their huge popularity. Rated top-notch on most restaurant review sites, Saravana Bhavan is on its way to become a classic in south Indian cuisine, and you cannot–should not, go longer without trying their filter coffee and onion rava masala dosa!

Cost for two: ₹500


5: Pita Pit

Pita Pit will not be an unknown name for food-lovers. With outlets all over the world, this chain of restaurants is an exclusive name in healthy eating. Their wraps are decadent, stuffed with the most perfect fillings, all of which you can choose, and set next to a variety of sauces to add to the flavour. Pita Pit also serves the most delectable salads for the health-freak in you, and one only has to try their roast chicken salad to know what the hype is about. Pita Pit also sets the benchmark for great quality food at decent prices for outlets in the city, and once you have tried their Falafel Pita with mayo and hummus, or their Roasted Chicken Salad, you will forget all about your local Subway!

Cost for two: ₹600


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