Indulge In Authentic Bihari Litti Chokha At These 6 Places In Delhi!

Love Litti Chokha? We Found You An Entire Street For Bihari Delicacies At Shoe String Prices!

Delhi is home to thousands of foodies, which is why there are 6 places in Delhi that serve the most delicious authentic Bihari litti chokha! Whether Bihari or not, this is one Bihari cuisine that constitutes of basic ingredients that are rich in ghee & spices. For the food lovers, here are some of the best handpicked places to indulge in delicacies of this beyond our wildest dreams.

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  • Commonly known as Delhi’s most loved street food delight, Litti Chokha is a Bihari dish. Made with dough balls prepared using whole wheat flour & stuffed with sattu mixed with spices!
  • The balls of heaven are then roasted over coal for the maximum taste & flavour!
Potbelly Rooftop Cafe & Kitchen

These guys dish a plate of Litti Chokha that will drive you mad! The flavour bomb & the perfection with which it is cooked is enough to freeze your brain in utter joy. These guys offer the delicacy with the craziest tasting sauce to go with!

Sneak Peak | Shahpur Jat

Mr. Littiwala

Many Litti lovers in the local area frequent this eating joint. The crispy Littis are fried till they are golden brown & then stuffed with spiced up Sattu. The final garnish, if we may, is the authentic Chokha, made of Aloo & Brinjal!

Sneak Peak | Laxmi Nagar

Bihar Bhawan

The canteen at Bihar Bhawan is where you go if all else fails! The staple Bihari order – Litti Chokha is a regular food beast here. The dish stands out owing to its crisp texture & the use of mustard oil & Panchforan. The dish is exclusively made on order here.

Sneak Peak | Chanakyapuri

Cafe Wanderlust

Cafe Wanderlust brings together one of the best plates of litti chokha out there in Delhi! The Litti Chokha at this cafe is one of the most recommended dishes by its patrons. The platter is served with green mint-coriander chutney for a unique flavour.

Sneak Peak | DLF Galleria


This café has become synonymous with delicious Bihari food. The Litti is served with 3 types of Chokha (mashed vegetable with spices) – Aloo, Baingan or a classic Mutton Chokha.

Sneak Peak | Shahpur Jat

Jharkhand Food Stall

Jharkhand food stall in Dilli Haat has a lot to offer to those who love food from Bihar. The stall does a delicious Madhwa Roti Saag Litti Chokha that will blow you mind away with its taste, especially the spices!

Sneak Peak | Dilli Haat

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  • That you get your fix of Litti Chokha in its spiciest & most delicious forms at any of these 6 places in Delhi!
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