10 Local Experiences That Every Dilliwala Swears By

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The beauty of Delhi lies not in the high end restaurants but is hidden in the nooks and crannies which make up for some unforgettable memories to be reminisced for eternity! So if you want to give someone the real taste of Delhi -give it like a local. We have jotted down 10 local experiences which every Dilliwala swears by!

1. Lovely Chuski At India Gate

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It’s not a long drive or a night out if it doesn’t end with your squad slurping on some kala khatta in front of India Gate beneath the stars.

2. Bargaining At Sarojini

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A shopping sesh is incomplete if you do not bargain your brains(and heart) out at Sarojini Nagar.

3. Fire Paan At CP

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Fire Paan>>> Normal Paan

4. Photo Session At Hauz Khaas or Agrasen Ki Baoli

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Name one insta profile of a Delhiite without a fully fledged photo shoot here, We will wait!

5. Paharanj Ke Chole Bathure

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You will be lying if you tell us that not even one(or all) of your breakfast plans end up here munching on the paneer wale chole bathure. Let’s face it -They are bomb!

6. Boating At Purana Qila

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Sadly,the boating here is now closed, but we cannot help but remember the good old days.

7. Pandaal Hopping At Pujo

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All them Pujo vibes while we hop from Pandaal to Pandaal,all dressed up!

8. Standard Falooda

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Forget ice cream rolls and charcoal cones, our hearts belong to the standard falooda dripping with rabri.

9. Ramlila

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Well it’s just one of our guilty pleasures we can’t do without!

10. The Love Affair At Chandni Chowk

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Be it food walk, monster naans dripping with butter or lehenga hunting. Delhi waasis and Chandni Chowk go way back!

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